Looney Green Tunes Fascism

Climate Alarmists pushing the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people have gone looney tunes. Not only do they want to fine and jail anybody who would dare to even say they believe that Anthropogenic Global Warming is junk science, but now they are preparing to criminally prosecute Exon-Mobil for supposedly knowing that Global Warming is real and withholding evidence of its validity.

The Left has become a Fascist totalitarian entity that seeks to muzzle dissent and take away the Constitutional Right of Americans to Free Speech. If you do not agree with the Left you are evil and a danger to society. They will seek to fine you, jail you, intimidate you, disrupt you and cause you physical harm if you disagree with them. Across college campuses free speech is being denied.

You might remember this woman – Professor Melissa Click who in a public arena tried to kick out a reporter. When he wouldn’t go she hollered:




David Horowitz had this to say:

The racist, McCarthyite, totalitarian movement rearing its ugly head on college campuses as diverse as Missouri, Yale and Vanderbilt is being treated by conservatives as a case of kids too fragile to handle views with which they disagree. This may work as a debating tactic but it misunderstands both the malignancy of the politics behind the campaign and the ferocity of its radical leaders. Now they are calling for the heads of liberals (and getting them). But quaint American prejudices like the First Amendment still stand in their way. But for how long? If this movement, which includes large contingents of the Democratic Party – including the president, achieves critical mass and succeeds in its agendas and acquires the necessary power, who can doubt that they will be putting dissenters in prison and worse? These are people intoxicated with their own virtue, and determined to purge non-believers in their path. They are a perfect analogue to the Islamic fanatics who want to purify the planet. While the Islamic fanatics behead, the American fanatics suppress and burn. At bottom, they see the world in parallel terms: Slay the infidels wherever you find them.

The current eruptions on college campuses, which will be escalating through this year, are the product of four decades of capitulations to leftwing racism and political correctness, which is a totalitarian party line whose inventor Mao Zedong murdered 70 million Chinese in its name. America still has strong traditions of intellectual pluralism and individual rights, which are obstacles in the way of the progressive storm troopers, but for how long? How many capitulations by so-called liberals, how many unconstitutional executive orders, how many coercions by Democrat-controlled government agencies before there are no obstacles left?

 We saw these lynch mobs first hand in Ferguson, but only an inaudible few were willing to name them for what they were. In Ferguson, the president of the United States supported the lynchers, along with the Democratic Party and the leftwing chorus. And so it spread to New York and Baltimore and now Missouri and Yale. The time has come to call this for what it is, an American fascism.  But the time is also getting late to reverse the tide.
Which brings us to Global Warming and conspiracy theories.

Climate activists suggest Paris Terror attack linked to ISIS-OPEC attempt to kill UN climate treaty & raise oil prices

By: Climate Depot

Climate activists are suggesting a conspiratorial plot in the aftermath of the Paris terror attack.

“Could the attacks and [the UN climate summit] COP21 possibly be related?,” asked Oliver Tickell, who edits The Ecologist, in an article on November 14.

Tickell’s article asked: “Is it a coincidence that the terrorist outrage in Paris was committed weeks before [the UN’s] COP21, the biggest climate conference since 2009? Perhaps. But failure to reach a strong climate agreement now looks more probable. And that’s an outcome that would suit ISIS – which makes $500m a year from oil sales – together with other oil producers.”

Tickell asked “ISIS Inc defending its corporate interests?”

“To answer that question we should first ask, what do the attacks mean for COP21?” he continued.

“So, assuming – as seems probable at this stage – that the Paris outrage was carried out by or for ISIS, was it in any way motivated by a desire to scupper a strong climate agreement at COP21? And so maintain high demand for oil long into the future, together with a high oil price? Let’s just say that it could have been a factor, one of several, in the choice of target and of their timing.”

Tickell seems to allege that the Paris Attacks were committed by some coalition of ISIS & OPEC to derail the UN climate treaty and raise oil prices.

“And of course ISIS was not necessarily acting entirely on its own. While not alleging direct collusion between ISIS and other oil producing nations and companies, it’s not hard to see a coincidence of interests,” Tickell wrote.

Reaction from climate skeptics was swift.

“Looney green tunes at @the_ecologist. A real OMG moment here folks. Completely and utterly bonkers,” wrote Andrew Montford at the blog Bishop Hill.

Montford ridiculed Tickell’s notion “that the Paris terrorist attacks were intended to disrupt the COP21 climate talks, driving up oil prices and putting petrodollars in the pockets of ISIS. Oh yes, and western oil interests were probably in on it too.”

Montford said of Tickell’s assertions, “Blimey, he’s so bonkers.”

Tickell laments terror attacks’ impact on UN climate summit

Tickell lamented that tighter security would detract from the upcoming UN climate summit. “Undoubtedly France already had a high level of security planned for Le Bourget. But now, whatever those plans are, they will be redoubled. Expect a ring of steel and concrete to go up. Expect it to be far harder for accredited journalists, campaigners, activists, even businessmen to gain access to the conference, with stringent searches, long queues, and arbitrary refusals to people who may have travelled thousands of miles to be there. Expect leaders, politicians, negotiators present at the conference to remain more firmly ensconced in their secure surroundings at Le Bourget – instead of travelling into central Paris to enjoy the city’s many charms.”

The negotiations taking place at the conference center at Le Bourget will surely be even more isolated from Paris itself, and civil society, than they were already going to be. Le Bourget is home to one of Paris’s main international airports – perfect for VIPs to fly in and out without ever leaving the airport and conference complex,” he wrote.

The Paris terror attacks may have taken the “eyes off the climate ball,” according to Tickell. “Another outcome that will surely be felt at the highest levels in the conference itself is a loss of focus on the climate, and a refocusing among world leaders present in Paris on terrorism and security,” he added.

“The potential of important ‘big picture’ climate deals cemented between presidents and prime ministers now look less likely than before – for the simple reason that world leaders are likely to take the opportunity of COP21 to talk about more immediately pressing security matters” Tickell wrote.

“So with world leaders distracted from questions of climate, the prospects of serious inter-governmental agreement on the key issues at stake in the talks – from climate finance to the legal status of any agreement reached – have just receded,” he continued.

Tickell did allow that his theory was incorrect. “Of course, this may all be accidental. Maybe Paris was just hit because of French attacks on ISIS. And maybe the now more likely failure of COP21 to achieve its aims is mere collateral damage in the increasingly savage ‘great game’ of global power politics,” he wrote.

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