President’s Speech On Terrorism Does Not Support Life But Death

The President finally came out and addressed terrorism, half-heartedly. It gave him another chance to throw in another pitch for gun control…er, gun confiscation.

It also gave him another chance to lecture the American people on the greatest threat to American society, Anthropogenic Global Warming and to announce that western nations, chief among those the United States, would be giving $100 billion to underdeveloped countries because we have spoiled the planet and inhibited their growth. Which is the biggest bunch of poppycock we have ever heard.

Guns, Bible and FlagObama sees the United States as the problem. That’s why earlier he made a world-wide apology tour. He thinks that Islamic terrorism does not exist, that what is going on is just isolated mass shootings by a bunch of thugs. There is no need for a War on Terror because there is no organized terrorism.

A far greater threat to America, he says, our Right Wing Extremist groups and those of us who cling to our Bibles and guns. That is why he got the IRS to deny Right Wing, Christian, Patriotic organizations their Constitutional Rights by siccing the IRS on them.

This President is a world globalist who believes in the subordination of the United States to the power and consensus of the world as a whole. This means that in many areas of foreign policy we must let the United Nations and world opinion rule, never mind our own national interests.

Obama’s speech was far from reassuring to an American public that is scared. Instead of taking concrete steps to combat terrorism, both here and abroad, instead of a plan to smash those who want to kill us, he lectures us on not permitting a hateful backlash against Muslims. And he has directed his Attorney General to prosecute any hateful discourse against Muslims. Like there is a whole bunch of that going on now? Really?

This President is weak and unwilling to protect Americans. His whole focus is away from security and onto accommodation and other more pressing problems. But what is more important to an American citizen than his or her life?



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