Solutions Not Demagoguery

The good thing about Donald Trump is that he wades full force into subjects that other Presidential candidates are too timid to venture into and he tells it like it is which other candidates will not do for fear of offending some people.

The bad thing about Donald Trump is that he has no solutions to these problems other than I will do it. He hasn’t any solutions because he hasn’t thought through his criticism and put them into practical solutions. When you shoot from the hip like that then you often make judgements that are wrong.

One of those wrong judgments by Trump is banning all Muslims from immigrating to the US or even visiting here. That’s not a well thought out solution. Far better would have been a temporary pause in entrance to the US from those nations in the world that contain terrorists. That would have done the job without throwing out the baby with the bath water.

Trump is a bomb thrower and we need a bomb thrower to open our eyes to see what is wrong. But after our eyes have been opened we need good, sound policy that translates into action that corrects wrongs and solves problems. Trump is not that person. Fiorina may not be that person either, but she has the right idea.  Solve the problem don’t just demagogue it.


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