People Are Scared

The President tried to reassure the American people in a telecast where he essentially said we are going to stay the course, don’t panic. But that is far from good enough. And it is quite evident that this President will never take the necessary measures to keep the American People safe.  He represents the far Left where political correctness has run amuck. His ideology will not permit him to take the steps to fight terror and protect the American people. His only solution is stricter gun control. What he would like to do is confiscation of all guns which amounts to disarming the American people. So instead of making the problem better he is making it worse all because of his far-Left ideology. Hopefully, in the 2016 election we will boot the far Left out of office.

Some of the things we need to do are:

  1. Not take any Syrian immigrants into the United States.
  2. Call a temporary halt to all immigration
  3. Stop issuing VISAs to all Middle Eastern countries with a long-term goal of reforming the VISA program
  4. Close our Southern and Northern borders
  5. Beef up our border patrol people, our Coast Guard and our Customs agents
  6. Take the fight to ISIS on its home turf. Destroy their oil fields. Stop being so concerned about collateral damage and the killing of non-combatants. Form a ground force of locals with American advisors along side them.

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