No Social Media Checks In Obama’s Immigration Vetting Process


This great vetting process on foreigners attempting to enter this country the Democrats keep bragging about. It’s supposed to take almost 2 years. Is that how long the Syrian refugees waited? When there are no records or data what is the process? Waiting 2 years is not a vetting process.

Now we learn that Obama’s Department of Homeland Security refuses to investigate Social Media for those applying for entrance into the United States. They don’t want to offend, don’t you see or to profile. So if this vetting process on immigrants is really not so good, then being against Syrian and Middle East immigration into the United States is not so unreasonable. It’s certainly not racist as Democrats are claiming.

David French at National Review reports:

It’s enough to make your head spin. Tashfeen Malik — the Pakistani immigrant jihadist who helped carry out the deadliest terror attack on American soil since 9/11 — passed three background checks without a single American official discovering that she openly supported “violent jihad” on social media. Moreover, this was no oversight. Instead, the Department of Homeland Security has an actual “secret policy” that prohibits immigration officials “from reviewing the social-media messages of all foreign citizens applying for U.S. visas.”

This is sheer insanity. In an era when jihadists are extraordinarily active on social media and often count on supporters’ sharing and retweeting jihadist messages to help spread Islamist propaganda, our government decided it would create a “civil liberties backlash” if it were known that America actually reviewed the public social-media posts of immigrants and visitors.

Immigrants don’t have a civil-liberties interest in their public postings. No one does. Any decent employer looks at potential employees’ public social-media pages before making a hiring decision. Any competent law-enforcement officer knows to comb through social media when investigating crimes. And any semi-sentient immigration official should know that social media can be key to evaluating visa applicants, including by helping determine whether they’ve lied on their application or whether there is evidence that they intend harm when they come to the United States.

One of the great lies of political correctness is that no policy is truly “fair” if it has a “disparate impact” on any “marginalized” identity group. Scrutinizing social media for anti-American sentiment would expose the extent to which millions in the Muslim world are captured by the most bizarre anti-American conspiracy theories, the extent to which disturbing numbers idolize the most violent terrorists, and the shocking amount of celebration of American and Israeli deaths. Let them hate us overseas. Only a nation intent on committing intellectual, spiritual, and cultural suicide would allow immigrants in its borders who despise the very nation they seek to inhabit.

No government can change human nature, but we can stop rewarding its worst impulses. Our present system rewards conformity — a dubious enough trait — and magnifies that fundamental flaw by demanding that our civil servants believe a series of lies about the world and — especially — our most vicious enemies. Our leaders are worse than foolish. They’re cowards. And Americans are paying the price for their failures.

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