Start Telling Us How You’re Going To Protect Us!

There is no Constitutional right to emigrate to the United States. Foreigners do not live under our Constitution and are not entitled to the rights of our Constitution.

We, as a nation, have a right to police our borders and decide who we will include in our country to live among us.

Those that come here with no intention of assimilation are not welcome. This is not a nation that supports multiculturalism.

Those that insist on living under Sharia Law are not welcome here.

Mr. President, you are turning a blind eye to terrorism. ISIS is not the jayvee team. And they never would have organized had you left an occupation force in Iraq as we have done throughout our history in Japan, Germany and South Korea.

You created the problem, Mr. President, and now you are unwilling to lift a finger to protect us.

Your first duty as President is to protect the American people. Yet all you want to do is let in Syrian and other Middle East refugees who cannot be vetted and who have terrorists embedded within their ranks. All this you do to garner more Democrat voters. WHAT ABOUT OUR SAFETY? Are you so anti-American that you hold the welfare of foreigners over the welfare of United States citizens?

The American people are scared, Mr. President. They fear going to their next birthday celebration, holiday party, social gathering, political rally and even their house of worship for fear that terrorists will slaughter them. WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT THIS, MR. PRESIDENT?

No other President has been so weak on National Security, not even Jimmy Carter.


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