Two Secrets to Trump’s Success

Smart is Dumb and Dumb is Smart

Pundits and establishment hacks alike react with shock and awe at the continued rise of Donald Trump in the presidential polls. But Scott Ott thought they could use a little outside-the-beltway wisdom from a guy who’s just like Trump…or was in middle school anyway

Again the Lexington Libertarian is not adverse to Trump’s antics, his boyish bullying, his attack dog demeanor. What is a concern is Trump a Conservative or is he just giving lip service to principles he doesn’t really support? We need strong leadership right now, not the weak milquetoast of the current Republican leaders. But strong leadership in the wrong direction will not be what Conservatives, Republicans, Independents and Reagan Democrats are looking for or expecting. A lot of people say almost anything to get into the White House. Just listen to Hillary. Is Trump doing the same? Wouldn’t it be better to support the real thing, a true blue Conservative who is also a fighter? Wouldn’t Ted Cruz, a first class debater, be just as tough and demanding as Trump? Is there any concern over his Conservative credentials? Wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry? After all, millions voted for Obama expecting one thing and then getting something else, something they abhor. Obama sold the nation a bill of goods. Is Trump doing likewise?


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