We Are Playing Russian Roulette With American Lives

The refusal to close the southern border, the refusal to tighten up our VISA program and keep track of those in the U.S.A. with Visas, the quest to take in as many Syrian refugees as possible, the refusal to admit that Syrian refugees cannot be vetted, the pro-Muslim, anti-Christian attitude of this Administration, the attempt at codifying Anti-Hate Speech and violating free speech, the unwillingness to accept persecuted Christian refugees all stem from Obama’s radical Marxist-Socialist ideology.

Immigration is the number one issue with the American people along with combatting terror which go hand in hand. This is one of many reasons that the American public is angry. And Obama doesn’t listen to the citizens of the United States, he only charts a course governed by his ideology.


Kevin D. Williamson reports in National Review:

An interesting related report comes from the New York Times. Don’t try explaining it to a Trumpkin, but the largest source of illegal immigration into these United States today isn’t farmhands marching stoically across our unsecured southern border, but visitors who enter legally on visas and then refuse to go home when their visas expire. This cohort by some estimates now accounts for more than half of all illegal immigration. But how many overstays are there?

Nobody knows.

English: Alan Bersin, Commissioner of the U.S....
English: Alan Bersin, Commissioner of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In congressional testimony in December, Alan Bersin, assistant secretary for international affairs at the Department of Homeland Security — the most cruelly misnamed bureaucratic concatenation since the Government Accountability Office — was asked by Representative Mark Meadows (R., N.C.) to answer the simple question of how many aliens illegally overstay their visas every year. Bersin’s answer as quoted in the Times was: “We don’t know.”

Why don’t we know? There doesn’t seem to have been an estimate of the problem since 1997, which was a few years before persistent visa overstayers Satam al-Suqami and Nawaf al-Hazmi helped crash airliners into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001.


I recently took a brief trip abroad, and the process for exiting and reentering the United States as a citizen looks like this: Make an airline reservation, which electronically alerts federal authorities that you plan to leave the country. Show up at the airport, show your passport, have it checked against the entry requirements of the destination country. Present the passport again on entering the airplane. Fill out forms on the airplane, present the forms and passport for inspection in the destination country. On the way home, return to the airport, certify that all legal obligations have been met (exit tax, etc.), present passport and documents to immigration authorities, board plane, fill out customs declaration, land, scan passport into kiosk, have photo taken, answer questionnaire, present photo and questionnaire to immigration authorities, answer such questions as are presented, reclaim baggage, present passport and paperwork to final exit control station. Which is to say, as a citizen coming and going, I present the federal government with a dozen or so opportunities to determine my whereabouts and the legality of same. But we cannot keep track of foreign nationals who are obliged to apply for visas?

But preposterous is what we do when it comes to these things. The Transportation Security Administration, which is a nest of petty thieves, drug smugglers, and child pornographers, routinely misses firearms and explosives being sneaked past their checkpoints, but you can be confident that nonconforming tubes of toothpaste will be seized. I have many times crossed the U.S.–Mexico border on foot, and each time I am selected for “random” additional screening. (You’d think that after the 18th or 19th “random” screening, even a committed addict would learn that they are going to inspect his Tony Lamas for weed.) But after having been abroad for a year and having visited one of the world’s critical hot spots of Islamic terrorism, all I heard upon returning was “Welcome home,” stamp! “Next!”

From two of the 9/11 hijackers to one of the San Bernardino shooters, our visa program is a real source of national vulnerability to terrorism. And the fact is that the federal government is doing such a catastrophically poor job policing visa overstays that its minions are terrified even to keep track of how catastrophically poorly they are performing.

We are perfectly capable of keeping track of these things: Miss the January payment on your Macy’s card by two days, and financial firms around the world will know instantly, but flout federal immigration law, and the mighty, mighty Department of Homeland Security can’t find its own ass with both hands, much less locate yours. Congress should give DHS a deadline — say, June 1 of this year — to at least get a handle on how bad a job it is doing. And if it fails to satisfy congressional demands, then DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson should be expected to resign or face impeachment. Impeachment is not something to be taken lightly, but we cannot afford to have intelligence operations that are this unintelligent. Institutional ignorance on this level does not happen by accident or through negligence — it happens only by design.
Believe it or not, the one person who has spoken out most loudly about reforming our VISA program is Senator Marco Rubio.

Marco Rubio 33


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