The Truth About Guns In America

The truth is that guns are not the problem. Failed law enforcement is the problem. And too lenient criminal sentencing is the problem. And the failure of states to record all mentally deficient people in a database is a problem.

The problem with Obama is he is not listening to the American people, he is not caring for the American people. Instead, he is too busy trying to transform America and enact his radical Marxist-Socialist ideology.

The number one issue in America right now is National Security. The people want the President to protect them, to keep them safe from terrorists. But he is too busy going off to Global Warming Conferences and trying to take guns away from perfectly competent people.

You heard it right. One of Obama’s provisions in his Executive gun orders is to refuse to permit those deemed incompetent to possess a firearm. Incompetence is defined as any soldier coming back from a war zone, any VA patient or Social Security recipient who has his wife pay the bills instead of himself, if a VA patient is disabled and cannot manage his or her VA benefits, basically anyone who has help in managing their affairs and needs. They are ruled incompetent and unable to own a gun.

Now we have doctors, on order of the Federal Government, asking patients if they own a firearm. If you are depressed or have ever been  depressed, you will be reported and your gun(s) confiscated.




Guns can always be purchased on the black market. Just hang around the street corner of any major city. Banning guns will not work. There are 300 million guns owned by Americans.

Prohibition didn’t work. It didn’t stop the use of alcohol.

Hard Drugs like meth, cocaine, heroin and opium are illegal. That doesn’t stop their use either. And right now there is a heroin epidemic in the U.S.A. fueled by our open Southern Border.

Why don’t you do something about the drugs coming across our border, Mr. President? Why don’t you do something about the guns coming across that same border instead of creating stupid programs like FAST & FURIOUS?


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