Is Sweden Lost For Good?

There is a deliberate cunning program by Radical Islamists to invade Western European nations and live off their social welfare benefits. This drains the country, some of which are already on a precarious financial footing. These Muslims refuse to assimilate and gather in zones or regions where only they can habitate. They refuse to obey the laws of their host country and use the democratic freedoms of their new country to attempt to impose Sharia Law. By sheer numbers and large families, they hope in a matter of a few generations to be the majority in that country and democratically take it over by outvoting the native population.

Western Europe’s birth rate hovers around 1.0 while the Muslim population has a birth rate of 8.0. You can see why Muslims will soon take over their host country by sheer numbers without a shot fired.

The worst of it all are the Hate Speech Laws which muzzles the native population thus permitting the abuses that the Muslims perpetuate and that need to be addressed. This same type of far Left fantasy has been evident in the Obama Administration which also seeks to impose Hate Speech Laws. Most European nations don’t have a First Amendment but the United States does. The Obama Administration in its transformation of America is trying very hard to  remove the First and Second Amendments from our Constitution – at the least ignore them and run roughshod over them without any consequences.


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