The Muslimization of America

A pretty hard-hitting video.

The Lexington Libertarian has said it before and will say it again, those cultures who refuse to assimilate with American culture are not wanted here. Those Muslims that believe in and support Sharia Law are not welcome here.

And the Left needs to get off its favoring of Muslims while trashing Christians. Secondary school Muslims can bring their prayer mats to school and pray in school but Christians cannot even bring a Bible into school never mind pray.

Multiculturism doesn’t work and should not be taught. Not all cultures are equal, not all cultures can get along in the same place.

The Left rules this nation right now, but soon they will be howling when the Right grabs the government.

There is nothing fair about favoritism. If our culture and laws support the separation of church and state, then there are no exceptions. All who live here will have to accept and live under our law.


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