Bernie Sanders Would Bankrupt The Nation Part 2

Christmas is over and Santa Claus should be back at the North Pole enjoying a well-earned rest. Instead, he is running for President. Santa Claus is after a new record for giveaways. He figures he can cure the jobless situation by giving everybody a job. And while he is at it he will pay for all college tuitions. Next is free healthcare for everybody. The list goes on and on including a house and car for everybody.  Now Santa aka Bernie Sanders hasn’t got the resources to pay for all this. But he figures once he gets to be President he can follow the example of Barrack Obama and issue a bunch of Executive orders. One of those will be an income tax of 90% on everybody. Also, Santa will impose $4.00/gal tax on gasoline at the pump and a National Sales tax of 20%. With a 50% Corporate tax, 90% Capital Gains Tax and a 100% Death Tax he figures he will have enough tax money coming in to give away all the goodies he wants to.

After all Herbert Hoover’s slogan was A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage. Santa can do better than that. After all isn’t he BS?

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