The Top Video Of 2015

How To Stop The Civilizational Collapse – Bill Whittle

It’s a Presidential election year and everybody is focused on the candidates – Hillary & Bernie – Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Jeb, Christie etc. As Conservatives, Traditionalists, Constitutioalists and people of Faith work hard for their candidates of choice, the Left is doing the same but even more.

The reason the Right is always in the hole, is that they do not put the same effort into preserving traditional American culture that the Left does with its cultural change. While the Right has been just working on the political scene, the Left has been infiltrating the Educational System from 1st grade through college, journalism and the media, Hollywood and the clergy.

For example, for years secondary schools in the United States mandated that every student watch Al Gore’s Global Warming movie An Inconvenient Truth. Even after much of this movie was proved to be false and after British schools had thrown it out, it still is shown in most of the schools in the United States. That’s because the teachers and administrators are predominantly Leftists and the Leftist cause is always Holy.

Dennis Prager is right when he says that the biggest religion in the world is Leftism. Also, see this.

Now Bill Whittle comes along with this dynamic video explaining how Leftists collapse civilizations and how we can get our culture back.



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