Republican Presidential Debate

There is always interest the next morning as to who won the Republican Presidential debate. We could offer some personal opinions which we will do; we could offer some articles by today’s top columnists which we may do later in a follow-up. But nothing is more real than a focus group of average citizens from South Carolina who watched the debate and offer their opinions. Here is the average guy and gal offering a lay person’s opinion. These people mirror the voters who will actually cast votes.

And it is the opinion of this group that the winner was Ted Cruz. Cruz is a masterful debater, but Trump and Rubio are not slouches either. The Lexington Libertarian picks the top 3 – Cruz, Trump and Rubio – as tied for the best of last night’s debate.

Trump understands the mood of the American people. Many are angry. When Trump said that Nikki Haley called him an angry person, Trump countered with, Yes I am angry. This country is a mess and I am angry about it, to paraphrase him.

Rubio’s line about the 2nd Amendment isn’t an option it’s a right and terrorist’s don’t buy their guns at a gun show was hard hitting and to point.

Cruz beat up Trump on the birther issue but Trump had the upper hand in the back and forth about New York values. Quite frankly, it is traditional, Conservative, Constitutional, Middle America – America’s Heartland values that the Republican Party in general, Conservatives in particular, represent. Look at any of the past 4 Presidential election maps and you will see that almost all of the whole middle of the country votes Republican. The point of this subject is that Conservative values are not the values of the East Coast, the beltway and the Left coast.

Here is a 2012 Presidential voting breakdown by County. Blue Counties are those that voted for Obama and red counties are those that voted for Romney. And remember that when you look at this map, Romney lost the election.


And the next morning:


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