Worse Than What Snowden Did

Once again this is really serious stuff. Notice how the Left will not criticize one of their own no matter how high the offense is. Democrats are rallying around Hillary. Republicans would not do so. It was Republicans that forced Nixon to resign.

But the Democrats consider Hillary too big to fail.

What’s worse?

  • Hillary’s handling of E-Mails
  • or Bill’s handling of females

Rush reports:

And then there is news about the Hillary Clinton e-mail server.  Now we know why there are 150 FBI agents tracking her down.  It turns out that she shared — this e-mail server that she had outside the office, the one she had at home in the basement at Chappaqua or whatever, all of the classified documents, it turns out that that server and its contents were shared with the Clinton family crime foundation as well, meaning Bill Clinton had access to the e-mails, or could have had access to the e-mails on Hillary Clinton’s server.

Hillary shared an e-mail network with the Clinton Foundation. According to records she “shared an IP address with her husband Bill Clinton’s email server, presidentclinton.com, and both servers were housed in New York City, not in the basement of the Clintons’ Chappaqua, New York home.”  Correct myself on that.  Which means that whatever was on Hillary’s server Bill had access to, and they’re out there jointly seeking hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars in donations from agents, representatives, foreign governments all over the world.  And it has now been speculated that because of the nature of the highly classified nature of the documents on her server, that they go beyond top secret.

Dr. Krauthammer on Fox, for example, last night said this goes beyond what Snowden did.  This is worse than Snowden.  And, by the way, people are now bringing Petraeus into this.  Petraeus, they’re thinking about stripping his rank from him.  They’re thinking about just totally ditching him.  If that happens, he loses everything.  He loses his pension.  He loses every financial benefit that he accrued while in the military, not to mention his reputation as one of America’s greatest generals.

And Petraeus did the identical thing that Hillary did and maybe even not as bad.  He shared whatever secure information, classified data he had with the author that was doing the book on him that turned out to be his mistress, Paula Broadwell.  Given that, given how this Regime — it’s now up to the secretary of defense what happens to Petraeus.  Now, you stop and think of this.

Here’s Petraeus, author of the surge in Iraq, saves the day. Obama hires him to run the Afghanistan portion, makes him CIA director or whatever, and now they’re set to destroy him.  There’s no doubt some political component here obviously, but they’re set to destroy Petraeus. One of the most decorated, highly decorated, highest reputed military men of the last two centuries.  And he’s on the verge of being destroyed.  Pensions, 401(k)s, everything he’s built up will be totally taken away because it’s all with the government.  This would be part of the punishment.


So people are starting to say, “Well, if you’re gonna do this to Petraeus, and Mrs. Clinton’s done identical things, pretty close to identical, if not worse, then how can you let her slide?”  And there are other things involving the Hillary, Bernie Sanders campaign.  As I mentioned, New York Times with a story on how Millennial-aged feminists led by that icon Lena Dunham are now beginning to have doubts about Mrs. Clinton ’cause they’re not hip with all this bimbo eruption stuff.  They really are just now learning about it.

They’re not cool with the fact that when these bimbos popped up that it was Hillary’s responsibility, and she eagerly accepted it, to destroy the women. When these women are out making up stories about having been raped on campus to make a point about how rotten men are, here’s Hillary Clinton, they are discovering she took the women out to protect her husband, who was a predator.  And this is in the New York Times, folks.  And it’s a pretty straight-up story.


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