Time To Pass The Republican Peace Pipe

Republicans are battling each other instead of the oppositiomn. And once again the GOP seem poised to lose another election everybody said they couldn’t lose. If they cannot heal the split in the Party then they only provide a path for the Democrats to be winners because the Democrats stick together and rally around their nominee. Some Republicans would rather vote for the Democrat than support a Party nominee other than their own. You hear over and over again from Republicans that if Trump wins the nomination they will either stay home or vote Democrat. Some of the candidates are openly saying that in the general election they cannot suport this Republican or that Republican.

With the media already in bed with the Democrats and the way Obama has made millions more dependent on the government for survival, the invasion of America by illegal aliens and the ability and the inclination of Democrats to committ voter fraud, Republicans need every Republican vote they can get to win a Presidential election. The Republican Establishment and Republican Conservatives must bury the hatchet and come together to win this election. Starting wwith the support of half a Party is a certain pathway to defeat.

James Lewis writing for the American Thinker reports:

In parliamentary systems, when a nation like Britain was faced with a deadly threat, competing parties tended to form unity governments – because “the prospect of hanging in the morning concentrates the mind wonderfully.”  In deadly crises, American politics also swings toward unity.  In the face of the Hitler/Tojo war, Republicans reluctantly joined FDR and Truman in a united front.  Republicans and Democrats also cooperated, at least in public, in the face of the Soviet threat.

But with the Vietnam War, our political center broke apart, when the left drove repeated wedges into the American consensus, setting blacks against whites, women against men, gays against families, urbanites against Christianity, everybody against the rich, and so on.

That is how the left-Islamist axis has been able to elect an ideological radical like Obama, driving their united phalanx to split the American body politic.  Deliberate splitting is what we’ve seen over and over again in the Obama years.

The coming election is therefore much more crucial than any prior election in our lives.

Politically conscious Americans might be well advised to consider voting for a genuine unity ticket.  These are not ordinary times.  We all sense the earth moving under our feet, and constitutional government, which has served Americans so well for 240 years, is now in indisputable danger.

If the Trump and Cruz campaigns understand the threat to national survival, they can act by running as a joint ticket.  The U.S. Constitution does not govern the play of “political factions,” as the Founders called them.  Right now, Trump and Cruz are wasting time and energy attacking each other.

A Trump-Cruz administration could appoint a genuine unity cabinet, including the strongest patriotic candidates – Dr. Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Rudy Giuliani, and even Jeb Bush.  That may sound like a formula for chaos, but those are exactly the kinds of people who managed to come together in previous times of national peril — the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the world wars, and the Cold War.

The GOP candidates represent a great deal of talent and some very strong egos.  But a person like Jeb Bush, for example, might accept a cabinet appointment if the national security is at stake.

Extraordinary times demand extraordinary measures.

Trump and Cruz are imaginative enough to work out a unity government against Hillary and her pet choice, including the controlled media.  Right now, Trump would not win a national majority, but add Ted Cruz as V.P. candidate, Ben Carson as the promised head of Health and Human Services, Rudy Giuliani as attorney general, Carly Fiorina as head of Treasury, Jeb Bush at Department of Education, and some patriotic Democrats, like Joe Lieberman and Senator Mark Warner, to help clean out the pigsty in D.C.

This election is like the Lincoln-Douglas election just before the Civil War.  These are not a normal times.


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