Either Way This Election Will Start A Revolution!

You will notice that in the past few elections dating back to Ronald Reagan the verbiage used is – “This is the most important election ever in the history of the Republic.” Well this time it is true. It’s revolution time. Both political parties are about to be transformed.

It is in the time of change that the Populist, National candidates rise to the occasion, the Williams Jenning Bryans and the Ross Perots. They, more than anybody within the two largest political parties, sense the mood of the public, smell the kill.

Nobody has caught the fancy of the voting public more than Donald Trump, not a Republican and not a Conservative and Socialist Bernie Sanders, not a Democrat and not a Liberal. The power base of American politics is in for a rude awakening.

In the Republican Party, Billionaire Businessman Populist Donald Trump, running as a Republican, is the front-runner precisely because the electorate on the Right believe he is the only one who will be able to break the back of the powerful, weak Establishment. The Right and the Middle are angry that Republican majorities elected to Congress to fight Obamaism roll over and play dead. These legislators are more concerned with their re-election than in doing the bidding of the voters who put them into office. And that rankles the rank and file to no end. Trump is the only one they believe truly means what he says. The only other candidate that comes close is Ted Cruz who sticks to his principles and who was not afraid to call Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a liar. It is the refusal of Mitch McConnell and John Boehner to launch an effective strategy to thwart Obama’s radical Marxist-Socialist Crony Capitalism that has the electorate all bent out of shape. Their inaction cost Boehner his job and paved the way for Paul Ryan. If Ted Cruz was Majority Leader in the Senate and Tres Gowdy was Speaker of the House this revolution would not have been needed.

On the Democrat side, that Party has permitted a non-Party member to run for the highest office inside the Party, why we don’t know. Liberal Democrats are both bemoaning the death of Liberalism to the rise of Marist-Socialist ideology within the Party and the blatant corruption of the Clinton Machine. Not all Democrats want to go as far Left as Obama has taken them and as far Left as Bernie will continue. Yet they do not trust Hillary as far as they could throw her. They would much rather see a ticket of Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. The fact that Hillary is so distrusted and that the Clintons aren’t shy about strong arming people has led to a crisis within the Democrat Party.

But the crossroads of the revolution stands with the Supreme Court appointments forthcoming in the next President’s term. It is estimated that up to five new Justices will be appointment by the next President. That could have an enormous effect on which ideological path the nation takes. Just think, if Hillary becomes President, she can appoint Obama to the Supreme Court.


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