The Rape Capital Of The West

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Swedish Police Admit There Are Now 53 No-Go Zones There They Do Not Enter and Cannot Control

Danish reporter Jeppe Juhl from Newsspeek TV described the deteriorating situation in Sweden, a once peaceful country that now is regarded as the rape capital of the West.

According to Jeppe, Sweden now has 53 no-go zones where police will not enter without backup and often wear bulletproof vests. The same policies are apply to ambulance drivers and firemen.


The do-gooders, we call them Liberals or Leftists, are at it again. THIS IS A WARNING TO THE UNITED STATES. Do not admit any culture, any group, any individual into the United States who refuses to assimilate.

Multiculturalism does not work. Some cultures are better than others. Two widely different cultures who refuse to assimilate cannot live side by side in peace and harmony. It just doesn’t work. The Lexington Libertarian is with Donald Trump on this issue – no Muslim immigration into the United States. No Sharia Law allowed. No-Go-Zones are not to be permitted in the United States.


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