What some Are Missing In the Appeal of Donald Trump

It became quite evident early on that Barrack Obama was elected not for his ideology, but for his heritage and his glibness, to be kinder his oratorical skills and his ability to inspire people. Many thought that he was a Centrist who would heal the racial divide in this country and unite the nation.

But instead, the nation got a Marxist-Socialist whose radical views did not coincide with the majority of the electorate and who proceeded to practice the worst identity politics ever seen in this country. Obama became the most  divisive President ever to occupy the White House. He made the racial situation worse and his radical policies kept many people out of work and failed to stimulate the American economy.

He also refused to do the work of that the Presidency required. If you remember Lyndon Johnson, here was a Democrat who constantly met with Congress, who wheeled and dealed, who bargained, who twisted arms, who worked the system day and night. Obama was too lazy for that. His game was golf and lavish vacations. And in order to have his cake and eat it too, Obama resorted to governing by Executive Order.

This upset many American voters to no end. So they turned to the Republicans and the Republicans said: The Democrats control the Presidency, The House and the Senate, what do you want us to do? Give us the House and we can control the purse strings and limit what the President can accomplish.

So the voters gave the Republicans the House but they did not use the power of the purse and did nothing to stop Obama’s radical agenda. The Republicans came back with: We need the Senate too! That way we can at least pass legislation that will get to Obama’s desk. Harry Reid has strangled the Senate so it cannot do anything. Give us the Senate.

So the voters gave Republicans the Senate but the Republican House and the Republican Senate refused to stop Obama’s agenda. They were scared that they would lose their jobs and that negative publicity would hinder their efforts. So they did nothing.

Then the Republicans said to the voters give us the Presidency too. With the House, the Senate and the Presidency we will finally do it for you. There will be nothing stopping us.

But, by now, the voters were angry. “Once bitten, twice shy.” Twice bitten, we deny. You are not getting three strikes, hollered the voters. We are not going to give the Republicans or the Democrats the Presidency. We are going to give it to either a Populist posing as a Republican or a Socialist posing as a Democrat.

The voters believe that Washington is broken; that it’s corrupt; that its power hungry and that politicians can be bought.

So what has Donald Trump going for him in this atmosphere?

  1. He can’t be bought. He’s financing his own campaign.
  2. That means that lobbyists, power brokers, and big donors will not be able to influence this man.
  3. That Presidential appointments will be based on merit not on returning political favors.
  4. It also means that the power of the Bureaucracy and the dependence on Presidents to use it to govern is at an end. Trump will break the power of the Bureaucracy and remove its power and decision making to Presidential appointments who are there because of merit. The IRS and the EPA will be stripped of their hold on the governing process.

Could this decision by the American people backfire on them? Absolutely. We could be facing four years of a narcissistic blowhard whose biggest contribution will be –  screw you. But at this moment in time the American people are willing to take that risk. They want no more of the Democrat or Republican Party Apparatus. They want a strong leader. They want action. They want to once more be America not a copy of a European Socialist failure. Some may say they are grasping at straws. So be it, they say.  We don’t care how bombastic the man gets, we want our country back.


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