Rubio Slices and Dices up Trump

There were many moments in last nights Texas debate where Rubio and Cruz threw haymakers that landed on Trump but none more embarassing than this one. Rubio exposed Trump as a candidate who dishes out one liners but has no substance to his rhetoric. For the leading Republican candidate to have only one plank in his healthcare proposal, that being the avaiabilty of healthcare insurance across state lines, is ludicrous. Rubio demonstrated that Trump is an empty suit and he did so with some humor noting that Trump was repeating himself, something Rubio got accused of in an earlier debate.

Trump has had months and months to come up with a comprehensive plan to replace Obamacare. For him to get up on the stage and recite just one idea as the whole of his healthcare program was an embarassment to himself. And then Rubio noted that Trump  repeats the same one liners over and over again every day – with no substance to them.

Are we once again going to make the same mistake by voting in a glib talker, a celebrity who plays on people’s emotions without any well thought out prescriptions for solutions? How much different is what Trump is doing from Obama’s HOPE AND CHANGE, HOPE AND CHANGE, HOPE AND CHANGE?  Is Donald Trump a candidate who exists soley on soundbites? Are we headed for another President who makes it up as he goes?

Watch the video above a second time and see what you think.


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