Multiculturalism Is Dangerous

When most people think of Multiculturalism, they think of celebrating diverse cultures. Now I love to celebrate different cultures, but that’s not how the Left defines Multiculturism. To them, and thus to us as they define society lately, Multiculturalism is different cultures living side by side together. And they mean that all cultures are good, all cultures are equal – that they are compatible.

That is Liberal wishful thinking. All cultures are not good or equal. I don’t consider American Society and Islamic Sharia Law Society morally equal. Nor do I think that they can live side by side peacefully. That is the failure of Multiculturalism. Next time a friend touts Multiculturalism, correct them.

The only answer is for one culture to assimilate the other. Competing cultures in the same area only leads to violence and war. The Lexington Libertarian once again recommends that the United States refuse admittance to those who refuse to assimilate.


Look what is happening in Sweden. American Thinker reports:

Thanks to Muslim ‘migrants,’ Sweden facing crisis at public swimming pools
By Thomas Lifson

Sweden pioneered the construction of public swimming pools allowing mixed bathing in the late 19th century, when it was a shocking thing in many other countries. And the Swedes have, until recently, enjoyed the use of large, well-appointed public indoor pools. With long, cold, dark winters, the chance to swim indoors and socialize in a warm and wet environment has been a prized part of civic life.

But thanks to the arrival of masses of young male Muslims from counties with very different ideas about men and women mixing together with few clothes on, this pleasure is on the verge of being lost. Ingrid Carlqvist writes a long and disturbing report at the Gatestone Institute on the wave of sexual assaults and misbehavior that have forced some pools to close. While the assaults started more than ten years ago, they have recently increased greatly. Unfortunately, Swedish authorities have chosen a path of political correctness, suppressing news of the incidents and following very permissive and naïve countermeasures.

In 2003, “youth gangs” were so disruptive to other guests at the indoor water park Aq-va-kul that on several occasions, the establishment was forced to close. Despite investing 750,000 kronor ($88,000) in taller entrance gates, a glass-enclosed reception desk, surveillance cameras, and an Arabic-speaking “pool host” to tackle the security problems, things just kept getting worse. In 2005, senior staff member Bertil Lindberg told the local daily newspaper, Sydsvenskan: “Things have escalated this year. Large gangs of 10-20 young people threaten and provoke other guests as well as the staff. They did not come here to swim; they are just looking for trouble.”

One problem: The Koran and Haditha teach that Islam is the only permitted way of life, so assimilation into the host county’s customs and way of life that violate the sacred injunctions (as, for example, female modesty) is not the path of righteousness. Instead, the host must be made to change its ways as soon as the Muslim population is numerous enough to compel this.

As the numbers of Muslims in Sweden has grown, the problems have increased.

One of the first reported incidents occurred in 2005, when a 17-year-old girl was raped at Husbybadet, in Stockholm. The 16-year-old perpetrator started groping her in the hot tub, and when the girl moved to a cave with streaming water, he and his friend followed her. They forced the girl into a corner, and while the friend held her down, the 16-year-old pulled off the girl’s bikini and raped her. During the trial, it emerged that some 30 people had witnessed the attack, but the teenagers continued the rape anyway.

The 16-year-old rapist was sentenced to three months in juvenile detention and his friend was acquitted.

Three months for ruining a young girl’s life:

The victim was badly traumatized and had to be treated in a psychiatric care facility, after several failed suicide attempts.

The authorities are burying their heads in the sand. With the surge in arrivals late last year, the number of incidents has skyrocketed. I cannot list all of them, but the article goes into detail on numerous examples. Perhaps the most enlightening incident is this, where authorities reacted exactly contrary to the manner that could protect Swedes:

On January 15, a local paper, Kungälvsposten, wrote that two girls had been sexually assaulted in an elevator at the Oasen public pool Oasen, in Kungälv. The two suspected perpetrators are “unaccompanied refugee children.” Jonas Arngården, Municipal Director of Social Affairs, told the paper: “This shows that we need to step up the work concerning issues of equality and interaction among our new arrivals, in schools as well as at the asylum houses.”

The attack caused members of the Nordic Resistance Movement (Nordiska motståndsrörelsen), a supposed neo-Nazi organization, to show up at Oasen on February 13. They put on green shirts with the word “Security Host” (Trygghetsvärd) printed on the back, and “patrolled” the facility.

The municipality had not reacted strongly to the sexual assault, but the visit by vigilantes scared the municipal management, and it immediately called the Oasen management to a meeting. Mayor Miguel Odhner told the daily, Expressen/GT: “It is completely unacceptable to have some kind of disguised vigilantes at municipal pools. It is very, very serious that we have violent extremism vying for greater foothold in our municipality.”

The inevitable result is that Swedes are avoiding pools:

Swedish pool guard

Another public pool employee told Gatestone that the refugee boys frighten away ordinary patrons and that more and more Swedes are now avoiding public pools altogether.

“Even Swedes who have bought expensive season tickets stay away now, because they think the mood is unsettling. Considering that they young asylum seekers get their entrance fee paid by the municipalities, one could rightfully say that tax money is being used to drive away those who would pay.”

It is pretty obvious where this is heading. The only question is whether Swedes will willingly give up a cherished part of their heritage in order to submit to the culture of the invaders. Sad to say, the jury is out on that question.



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