Destroying The Myths of Guns

Those who say well it is a weapon not suited for hunting, and therefore should be banned, are missing the point. The role of gun ownership is for personal protection and is a Right guaranteed by the Constitution. The Constitution says nothing about hunting or distinguishing what types of weapons are legal or illegal.

Assault weapons, as designated by the Left, are not military weapons but ordinary firearms that have been dressed up to look differently. Looks do not change the capability of a gun. Most weapons today are semi-automatic including pistols. The rapid fire that the Left portrays as machine guns is simply semi-automatic fire which is standard in many firearms. Machine guns are banned for public use and are never owned by any legal firearm owner. The term Assault weapon, therefore, is wrong and simply a ruse by the Left to ban guns.

Remember this when you go to vote. We are one Supreme Court Justice away from the Left modifying and reinterpreting the 2nd Amendment to take away all our guns. Vote wisely and protect your Constitutional Rights.

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