Trump Can’t Make America Great Again, Nor Bring Back Factory Jobs

Progressive presidential candidates Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders each promise to bring back American factory jobs. They’re wrong about this on so many levels, that Scott Ott thought he would explain. Learn why no politician can make America Great Again.

Bernie Sanders (I-VT)
Bernie Sanders (I-VT) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a distinct lack of the understanding of basic Economics in society today. The government cannot create jobs. And going back to the past is not the answer. This is the Information Age, let’s live it.

But what we can do is lower the Corporate tax rate, the capital gains tax rate and to stop double taxation of American Corporations abroad thus allowing them to bring back about $2 trillion back into the country. And we can take our foot off the  regulations accelerator. EPA, as just one example, is crippling the economy. Lastly we can run a balanced budget and start to pay off the debt. At the same time America needs a sound currency, not fiat paper money.

But the chances of getting these necessary inducements to economic growth are dead in the water if we cannot get people to understand how a free market economy best operates.


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