Stop Blaming Trump Supporters For Campaign Violence

This was the radical Left and who George Soros pays to disrupt Republican/Conservative events. It’s Black Lives Matters, Occupy Wall Street, Code Pink people as we have just said, in case you missed, are being paid a wage to disrupt and create violence and mayhem at Right Wing gatherings. These are the same people we found in Ferguson, in Baltimore and elsewhere. They are not in favor of free speech. They want to shout down anybody who disagrees with the radical Left agenda.

And the media who is blaming Chicago on Trump supporters are showing their Left Wing bias. Sure Trump has made some “bad boy” remarks. But Trump supporters did not go to a Chicago rally with a fight in mind and they do not go to Hillary or Bernie rallies to disrupt them.

Marc A. Thiessen writes this article for the Washington Post:

In recent days, Donald Trump supporters have been demonized as some sort of racist mob spun up by Trump’s racially tinged rhetoric. Former Environmental Protection Agency head and New Jersey governor Christine Todd Whitman declared: “If you were told that Mexicans are rapists and criminals . . . and you are walking down the street and see them in your community, people are going to do things.”

Except for one problem: Trump supporters are not targeting Mexicans walking down the street with violence. They are not even showing up and disrupting Bernie Sanders when he spews socialist claptrap.

The clashes we have seen so far have almost exclusively been at Trump events.

Why is that? Because organized groups of left-wing agitators intentionally come to Trump rallies to provoke his supporters. According to the New York Times, the protesters “fling themselves to the ground, forcing law enforcement officers — often outmanned and overwhelmed — to drag them away. They also shout and curse, making obscene gestures.” They should not be surprised when they get a reaction. Walk into a blue-collar bar and start taunting people that way, and you are likely to leave without some of your teeth.

The fact is, if the protesters were holding peaceful protests outside his venues, there would be no violence.

 Amid growing security concerns, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign canceled a Chicago rally on March 11. (Victoria Walker/The Washington Post)


What we are witnessing is the latest example of the American left’s totalitarian instinct to shut down speech that it finds abhorrent. Trump is not the only speaker to be driven off a college campus in recent years. In 2013, student protesters forced Ben Carson to cancel his planned commencement speech at Johns Hopkins University. In 2014, student activists forced Brandeis University to cancel a commencement-day speech by author and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Also in 2014, protesters forced former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice to cancel her commencement speech at Rutgers University, declaring that “war criminals shouldn’t be honored” by the school.

What do these speakers all have in common? They are a) black and b) conservative. If the Trump protests were about race, then why are left-wing activists equally insistent on stopping black speakers with views they don’t like? Rice didn’t call for a Muslim ban, but she is just as unacceptable to the radical left as Trump.

This is not to suggest that Trump is blameless in the ugliness that is unfolding. Far from it. A responsible leader tries to calm a volatile situation. Trump has been doing the opposite for months — egging on his supporters to clash with the protesters. In August, Trump warned that if protesters tried to disrupt his rallies, “I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself, or if other people will.” In November, he said a protester who disrupted one of his events “should have been roughed up,” and in February, he declared of another, “I’d like to punch him in the face.” Also in February, he told a rally, “If you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them. . . . I promise you, I will pay for the legal fees.”

That is highly irresponsible. But Trump understands that it is also why his supporters love him. Unlike Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) — who let Black Lives Matter protesters take away his microphone — Trump does not back down when people try to stop him from speaking. His supporters see a man who stands up for himself and believe he won’t let the United States get pushed around either.

The vast majority of his supporters are not violent or bigots. One reporter covering his campaign described them as “almost unfailingly courteous.” They are ordinary people who see their jobs, their country, their ability to earn a fair wage and support their families slipping away — and feel abandoned by their party’s establishment. They are desperate for a savior and think they have found one in Trump. When they hear Republican presidential candidates and pundits blame them for the violence, they are alienated even more.

Yes, Trump’s call for a Muslim ban, his spewing of conspiracies theories about 9/11 and Iraq, his embrace of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Middle East dictators, and his calls for protesters to be “roughed up” are all repulsive. But for many Americans, the left’s smash-mouth tactics are repulsive as well.

Trump understands this, which is why he is milking the protests to his advantage. He is using them to rally blue-collar America by saying we’re not going to take this anymore — we are not going to bow to the Alinskyite tactics of the radical left.

And the protesters are playing right into his hands.

And of course, Rush is not going to let the Left off the hook for this:

Why are these anarchists and Democrats and leftists protesting Trump now?  And make no mistake, this is all on the Democrats.  I think it’s unfortunate there are people trying to blame Trump for this.  This has never, traditionally never been a Republican problem.

Republican protests don’t happen, to your chagrin. How many of you have called me over the years wishing you would see some?  You’re tired of the Democrats getting away with the protest march.  You’re tired of the Democrats exclusively being able to shut down events.  And make no mistake, this was Black Lives Matter.  This was  This was a rent-a-mobThis mob had been bought and paid for.  They were there for the express purpose to shut down the Trump appearance, and they were celebrating after they succeeded in doing so.

The event had not even started.

There wasn’t a Trump supporter that did a thing to any of these people.

They showed up.  This is all bought and paid for by the Democrat Party and its donors: George Soros, It goes on. The list is long.  It’s the same bunch of people that were in Ferguson, Missouri, the same bunch of people that were in Baltimore, the same bunch of people that have been in Berkeley, the same bunch of people that rioted for Rodney King and the OJ trial.  It’s the same crowd.  Different names of the organizations, same people.  It’s all leftists.  It is all intolerant leftists.


“I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors.  I want you to talk to ’em whether they’re independent or whether they are Republican.  I want you to argue with ’em and get in their face.”

“Get in their face.”  And Obama’s protesters have been in our face since he encouraged it back in 2008.  But who was it in 1968?  It was a bunch of leftists and anti-war protesters then who were protesting the Democrat National Convention, in Chicago, of all places.  The left owns this.  Do you remember Obama?  Here’s a Politico story from June 14th of 2008.  “Senator Obama…” It’s a Politico story, and Obama was in Philadelphia, and he said, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun, because from what I understand, folks in Philadelphia like a good brawl.  I’ve seen Eagles fans.” 

So this idea that Trump’s responsible for this?

It just isn’t the case, folks.

Now, look.  Don’t misunderstand me on this, but I’m telling you this is crucial.  This is why I have been so hell-bent over the years that people understand the left, that people get an ideological education and they understand what we’re dealing with here, because disruptive, intolerant, violent public protest is wholly owned by the Democrat Party.  It’s an entire subsidiary of the American left and the Democrat.  They own it; it’s part of their operational blueprint.  They are there to shut people down.  They are there to deny people their presence on the field.

We talk about a level playing field.  They don’t want a level playing field.  They don’t want an opponent on the field.  Their objective is to shut down.  It’s happening on college campus.  It’s happening everywhere in America.  They’re intolerant.  They do not want to hear anything they disagree with.  There is no First Amendment.  There is no open exchange of ideas.  There’s nothing but authoritarian shut-them-downism.  And it’s not the Trump people that are doing it.

And I’m gonna tell you something else.  You may not like hearing it, but there are all kinds of reasons why Trump is getting the support he’s getting, and this is one of them.  I’m here to tell you that a bunch of Republican voters — and I don’t care whatever else they are; they’re evangelicals, they’re men, they’re women, they’re old, young, whatever, there’s a huge number of Republicans for my entire life who have been slowly simmering that there’s never any push-back on this kind of stuff. That there is never any opposition to the left and its radicals destroying events, shutting events down, committing violence, blowing up buildings or what have you.

Donald Trump is the first Republican candidate in my lifetime who, in the middle of the one of these things, openly says, “Get them outta here” instead of trying to engage them fairly and have a discussion with them or talk about how wonderful the First Amendment is or the right to dissent.  It’s a one-way street here.  The left has, just like everything else they do, they have gotten away with being able to shut down, to destroy and then with their allies in the press, mischaracterize what goes on at these Republican events, for years, not just this campaign, but for years.

Barack Obama actively, as a candidate, encouraged taking “a gun to a knife fight”, “getting in people’s faces,” and arguing with them.  And his people did it.  How many Tea Party rallies did union people show up and actually engage in violence, and there wasn’t any hand-wringing over it!  The Drive-Bys pretty much ignored it.  But the thing that you have to remember is, Trump’s supporters are not infiltrating Sanders rallies or Hillary rallies.  If they went to a Hillary rally, they’d be the only ones there.  Now, you may say that Trump supporters are engaging in violence and people…

Yeah, but they’re minding their own business until these people come up and start beating up on them or harassing them or shoving them and trying to disrupt the Trump event.  It’s a one-way street here.  Now, we can argue whether the way Trump deals with it is wise or not, but Trump is not at the root of this.  And there are a lot of people trying to get rid of Trump, defeat Trump, thinking this would be the way to do it.  It may be.  I don’t know.  But he’s not responsible for this.  His rally hadn’t even started on Friday night in Chicago.

His supporters never “became violent.” His supporters were there in anticipation of him showing up.  They started to show up.  But it was not Trump supporters that got angry.  They didn’t get violent.  They weren’t protesting anything.  They were invaded by a bunch of leftists Bernie supporters.  Look, I’ll tell you who this is.  It’s Black Lives Matter, which used to be Occupy Wall Street, which used to be some anarchist groups. It’s the same bunch of people they’re out there protesting global warming. They’re protesting for feminazism.  It’s the same bunch of people.

Many of them are rented.

Many of them have to be purchased to show up.  But I wonder how many other leftist rags a story similar to this caption ran.  He “was scheduled to go to Chicago for a rally but canceled it as his supporters became violent.”  His supporters have never been violent.  His supporters have never started violence.  His supporters have never been to a Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders rally.  That is not what Republicans do.  Anyway, this is why I have been so insistent over the years that people understand the difference between liberalism and conservatism.

They’re fed up with being blamed.  They’re fed up with being impugned. They’re fed up with being denigrated, lied about, accused of doing things they don’t do, accused of thinking things they don’t think; accused of being racist, bigot, sexist, homophobes when they’re not.  So.  Like much of everything else, here’s a guy standing up to it and telling these people effectively to go to hell, to get the hell out of here.  It’s not a mystery to me.  It’s not a mystery to me why people supporting Trump applaud that.

And like every one of these things in the past, this is bought and paid for — and brought to you by — the radical left and the Democrat Party.  Do you know that Bill Ayers was even part of the rally in Chicago on Friday? Friend of Obama’s. Yeah.  Big friend of Obama’s: Bill Ayers.  Reverend Wright would have been there, but he couldn’t have caught a plane to get there on time. He would have been there. Certainly people like him would have been there. Where do you think this stuff comes from?  Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, you name it. They’re all bought-and-paid-for organizations. is paid for by George Soros.




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