Democracy Spring

Gadsden FlagSo the Left Wing radicals plan a campaign, not of civil disobedience, but one of civil harassment aimed at Right wing and Republican figures. What we can look forward to is a Spring and Summer of deliberate shouting down of Trump campaign speeches and violence and intimidation all in the name of democracy. And if Cruz is the nominee he will be subject to the same. These people are paid thugs, paid to disrupt society by George Soros and others. They are, Black Lives Matters, Code Pink, Black Panthers, and other Left Wing Radical Groups.

What the Left wants to do here is limit free speech. They want to muzzle those with whom they disagree. The reason Trump has risen to the heights that he has is precisely because the American public is sick and tired of having traditional values and Conservative people trashed. Marches and bullhorns and screaming and disrupting and obscene gestures and verbal intimidation and outright violence from the Left is angering the American public. They have had enough.

Right now the only thing the Left is doing is helping the Right by being so obnoxious and disrespectful.

And you had better believe that the Left seeks to limit the free speech and religious liberty of the 1st Amendmentment and the gun rights of individuals and the 2nd Amendment. The transformation of America amounts to the total subversion of the US Constitution.

George Soros, billionaire
George Soros, billionaire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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