Why Is The Republican Party Plotting Against Its Own Front Runner?

The answer to the question is that Washington has become a cash cow for members of both Parties – the perks, the office help, the allowances, not to mention the gifts and the bribes by lobbyists and businessmen. However, if we think that Donald Trump is going to stop the latter we might be deluding ourselves, because that is what he used to do, buy politicians.

Yet when you look at it all, a Congressman or Senator when he or she gets into office has it made. You can enter worth very little and leave a multi-millionaire. All of the Washington elite, or as Ted Cruz likes to say, the Washington Cartel, are living high offf the hog at taxpayer expense and they want to keep the status quo to keep the money rolling in. Each legislator is only concerned with re-election. He or she cares little about the Party to which they belong, whether other legislators get re-elected or not or who wins the Presidency. So if Hillary wins the Republican Establishment is happier than if Trump or Cruz wins. Hillary won’t rock the gravy boat.

Now John Q. Public has finally caught on to the game being played here and he is boiling mad. So he and a few million more are not going to vote for a Presidential nominee who is part of the Establishment.

Did you ever notice that a lot of the early Republican Primaries were OPEN Primaries – Independents and Democrats could participate? The Establishment set this up so they could hand pick their candidate for President and make sure a Conservative was not the early front runner, so the gravy train keeps on rolling. And did you notice that Operation Chaos that Rush started on the Democrats in 2008 has been adopted by the Democrats against the Republicans in 2016? All those Democrats crossing over to register as Republicans so they can elect the easiest Republican to defeat.

Well, the best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry. This year it BACKFIRED. Open Primaries and Operation Chaos has propelled into the lead for the Republicans, Donald Trump, who will not let himself be beholden to the Establishment or controlled by them. And the Democrats have helped matters along by changing registrations to vote for Trump.

So Trump is the creation of the Establishment greed. The gig is finally up and Republican voters are mad as hell and refuse to go for an Establishment nominee. The Democrats think that they are electing Hillary by casting votes for Trump in the Primaries. Hillary will keep the Establishment status quo safe from change.

The real question that needs to be answered in regards to Trump’s electability is how many crosover Democrat voters voting in Republican Primaries are really converting to Trump and how many are part of Operation Chaos trying to get Hillary elected by helping Republicans field the least electable candidate? Only time will tell.




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