Obama Apology Tour II

Obama Embarrasses Nation With Visit to Cuba

Raul Castro chided the US for our ‘civil rights abuses’… and President Obama agreed?!?

And then from Cuba, where Obama laughed at a ballgame while innocent men and women were being slaughtered in Belgium by ISIS, the President proceeded to Argentina where he once more dissed the United States and apologized for our past actions.


Rush reports:

OBAMA:  This week marks the 40th anniversary of the military coup.  And tomorrow, to underscore our shared commitment to human rights, I’ll visit a memorial to the victims of the Argentinean military dictatorship and recognize Argentina’s historic and continuing efforts to make things right. To prove that this is more than just a symbolic gesture on my part, I’m launching a new effort to open up additional documents from that dark period.  For the first time now we’ll declassify military and intelligence records as well, on this anniversary and beyond.  I hope this gesture also helps to rebuild trust that may have been lost between our two countries.

RUSH:  See, we were keeping secrets.  We had secret records.  We were keeping secret records, probably intelligence data about Argentina and the military coup, and Obama has essentially said, “You know what?  We’re sorry.  We’re gonna open up these secret documents.  We’re going to release these secret documents to you so that you can see what a bunch of reprobates all of my predecessors have been toward you.”  Which, make no mistake, is one of the purposes here.  Yes, so you Argentinians can see how much better I am as president than some of these heathens that served in the office before I came along.

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