Amateur Ambushed

If you are a Republican and running for office, especially the Presidency, you don’t go on MSNBC or let the likes of Chris Matthews interview you. They are not interested in your views or informing the public. They are interested in destroying you. The Liberal/Left press is not objective and they view their mission as one to eradicate those who stand in the path of their utopian vision.

Most seasoned politicians on the Right know this. Although they want all the publicity they can get , they don’t want to be deliberately embarrassed and ambushed. Only the Left does this because their ideology is their religion – no heretics allowed.

Trump got cleverly boxed into a corner by Mathews. And when Mathews had maneuvered him where he wanted him he popped the ridiculous question on abortion to which Trump gave an off the cuff ridiculous answer. WE DON’T PUNISH WOMEN, Mr. Trump and you should know better. A Chris Christie or a Bill Parcells in sports would have said that’s a ridiculous question that does not merit an answer, next question.

But you didn’t Mr. Trump. You answered the ambush question without having thought out your position on the issue. Most anybody running for office would have a well thought out answer to questions like these. What you need to do Mr. Trump is spend some more time studying the issues and preparing your positions instead of trying to wing it through the campaign on one liners. We already have a Hope and Change President who did that. Conservatives might have let Obama get away with that but the Liberal media will not give you a pass, Mr. Trump.

By responding as you did, Mr. Trump, you allowed the Democrats to once again run on the issue of a Republican War on Women, an issue we all know is phony, only now you have led credence to it.



Rush responds:

This whole interview that Chris Matthews did with Trump? Yes, he’s asking Trump questions, and, yes, he’s trying to trip Trump up on abortion.  My point about that is that whole interview was essentially an attack on the Republican Party, not just Trump.  It set up a campaign narrative for the Democrats to use against the entire party, not just Trump. It doesn’t matter if Trump’s the nominee or not.

They’re still gonna be able to use this issue, or they’re gonna try.  What Matthews did was establish another vein of the War on Women meme and to try to keep that alive.  And it wasn’t just aimed at Trump.  It was designed once again to caricature or characterize the entire Republican Party.

The Republican Party themselves doesn’t know what to do with this War on Women business, and it’s about time they came up with something because it’s ridiculous!  Women out there asking to be exempted from taxes for tampons, for crying out loud? This is gonna happen.  Folks, this kind of feminism is eventually gonna get what it wants.  You laugh about it. “Oh, my God, look at these women in Ohio! They don’t want to pay $4 a year.”

The same thing happened with contraceptives.  But, Rush! But, Rush! Why shouldn’t they? I thought you were opposed to taxes?”  I am opposed to taxes that’s not what this is about.  They are dividing us! These women are saying, “We shouldn’t have to pay this tax because men don’t have to pay an equivalent tax.”  They’re doing everything they can to drive wedges between us, between men and women, between liberals-conservatives, between races.

If the Republican Party does not — and by Republican Party, I mean everybody: Conservatives, moderates, libertarians, whatever. This whole issue that has become known as the War on Women, there’s still people on our side laughing at it, thinking, “This is so ridiculous. Nobody’s gonna fall for this.”  I hate to tell you, but the people on the left have been so ill-educated and so infused with fear, they do believe it!  That’s why the question and the hypothetical was asked.

If you’re gonna run for president of the United States, if you’re going to seek the Republican Party presidential nomination, you had damn better study up on the way they go after you on abortion.  You had better study up and figure out what you think about it, and you better be able to rattle it off.  And you better be able to spot a phony premise right off the bat and refuse to answer it and totally change the subject or the direction of the question, ’cause I’m here to tell you, the question that Chris Matthews asked Trump, was not aimed at getting an answer.

The question was meant to shape.  It was meant to accuse.  It was meant to characterize.  When you listen to these interviews, particularly things like Matthews, MSNBC, CNN, forget that there is a question mark at the end.  There’s no doubt in my mind Trump looked at Matthews as guy he can deal with, somebody you gotta do a deal with.  He doesn’t look at Matthews as somebody trying to destroy him.  I don’t know.  Maybe Trump thinks he can’t be destroyed anyway.

But it’s clear if you’re gonna make up your mind to go on MSNBC running for the Republican presidential nomination you have got to be prepared for what it’s really about.  It is aimed at destroying you.  It is aimed at ruining your candidacy.  It is designed to make you look like a fool.  That’s what they think we are anyway.  It is designed to help Hillary Clinton.  It is not designed to find out what Donald Trump or anybody else really thinks about abortion because they think they already know what you think about abortion and I think about it, and everybody else.

Journalists, I’ve gotten blue in the face explaining this.  It took me a couple years to learn it.  Whenever you do an interview, they’re not really interested in what you think.  And if you think you can change a journalist’s mind, don’t do the interview because that’s not the agenda.  The journalist is there, when you’re a conservative and the journalist is a liberal, the journalist is there to embarrass you, to expose you, to destroy you, whatever, however they can do it.  There’s no real desire to find out what you think about something.  You’ve got to be prepared for that.  Anybody running for the presidency on the Republican side has to be prepared for this.  It’s amazing how few really are, even after all this time.

And the same thing goes for anything about race.  There are ways to deal with it that our side hasn’t figured out.  The whole point of interviews like this is to establish, not answer, not elucidate, not learn.  It is to establish.  It’s to pigeonhole.  The topic doesn’t matter.  Whenever it’s one of these defining issues where the left thinks they have the morally superior position, you’re not gonna change their mind.  You’re not gonna supplant them.  You’re not gonna open their minds.  You’re not gonna show ’em that you might be right.  You’re not gonna intrigue them.  They’re not there to be intrigued.  They’re not there to learn.  They’re not there to do anything other than expose you for the fraud that they believe you are.

They did it with Romney.  They did it with George W. Bush.  They did it with Ronald Reagan.  They’re doing it with Trump.  They’re gonna do it to Ted Cruz.  They have been doing it to Ted Cruz.  They did it to McCain, and they’re gonna get around to doing it to Kasich if it’s ever necessary. And, yeah, it may only be March when this happened, I know it’s April today, it may only be March when this happened, but remember all of this is aimed at helping Hillary Clinton.  It’s all about winning in November, plain and simple.



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