Bernie Backed Bread Lines

When Barack Obama first ran for President in 2008 no one would pay attention to his radical past. Many Americans became shocked at how radical and inept Obama was in leading this nation. If they had paid attention to his friends, causes and statements from his past , they might not have even voted for him.

They say history repeats itself. Well, here we are with Bernie Sanders, the new golden boy of Presidential politics. Nobody is paying any attention to his super radical past. The man is a Socialist. He wants the top personal tax rate to be 90%. Free college, free healthcare, free everything – except a way to pay for it. Bernie’s national debt would blossom to $40 trillion if he were elected.


Overpasses For America reports:

April 5th, 2016
Overpasses For America

bernie backed bread linesVermont’s Democratic socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has sought to separate his views from those of tyrannical socialist regimes throughout history.

The problem is that back in the 1980’s Sanders was outspoken in his support of communist dictator Fidel Castro as well as the Soviet-aligned Sandinista government in Nicaragua.

In fact, recently discovered video shows Sanders praising food lines as a good thing.

Sanders asserts that countries where people don’t line up for food that the poor are starving to death because “the rich get all the food.”

The lack of logic here is astounding.

In America and individual can buy a meal for under $2 if you’re not picky, and everywhere we go we are surrounded by stores stocked full of food. Free markets lead to abundance, controlled markets lead to shortages and rationing.

This is common sense to anyone who isn’t a Marxist ideologue.


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