The Suicide Of Europe

The real problem, as usual, is that the Left has gone bonkers. In the process, the Left has become very authoritarian, anti free speech, anti religious freedom and anti Constitutional Rights. They always think they have all the answers and insist on imposing their solutions on the rest of us.


Notice how many in the boat are women and children. This is not refugee resettlement. This is an invasion!

Once again, multiculturalism does not work. If an invading culture will not assimilate into the host culture then there is always violence. Sharia Law is not compatible with Christianity or Judaism. Sharia Law is not compatible with Constitutional Democracy. And what will happen is that the two cultures will clash, and the stronger, more violent, more ruthless and bigger breeder will dominate and take over.

The Muslim Issue reports:

Published August 25, 2015, Fria Tider (Bing translated and adapted)

In Denmark there is right now a large debate on the mass immigration. In the Jyllands Posten history professor Bent Jensen writes, “European elites consciously is to destroy their own civilization”, while psychology professor Helmuth Nyborg warns that democracy can become a thing of the past when groups of people with low IQ takes over ‘our countries’.

Bent Jensen compares in his op-ed article the current influx into Europe with historic migrations. His conclusion is that today’s situation is unique.

“It is firstly about people from a culture that differs radically from the European culture and who either have no desire or willingness to be assimilated, but requires special treatment. Secondly, we are dealing with potentially incalculable human flows that will destroy the European communities unless they are not stopped. ”

Something else that is historically unique is that the elites in Europe actively facilitates the destruction of their own country. The Professor cites Sweden as a frightening example.

Sweden a frightening example

“The elite’s false guilt complex, nihilism, naivete and history has already been mentioned. A study of the frightening development in Sweden’s provides a large part of the answer. Sweden is in a class of its own, but the Swedish illness can be found see all (Western) European countries. In Sweden the unholy alliance by pious politicians and (against the Swedes) an intolerant media managed to tyrannize the population to stand by and watch as their once well-ordered country turns into a place where no one can feel safe. ”

Bent Jensen summarizes:

“There is, in other words, no debate of migration and refugees in the traditional sense. What is happening instead is that Europeans passively allow themselves to be colonised by people from a foreign culture that has no place in Europe but want to enjoy the fruits of the Europeans ‘ diligence and creativity. ”

Psychology professor Helmuth Nyborg has a different approach to the problem of immigration. He writes, also in Jyllands posten, that immigration from the third world leads to the fact that the average IQ level in Denmark is steadily dropping, which could threaten the whole democratic system.


He refers to studies that immigrants to Denmark has 86 in average in IQ and a forecast showing that the average inhabitant in Denmark therefore will have a 92 in IQ in 2085, when the ethnic Danes are in the minority. Then it will be hard to maintain democracy, according to the professor.

“Modern Finnish research shows that countries with an IQ averaging less than 90 fail to create or maintain democracy. This explains why any attempt to bring democracy to countries with low IQ are doomed to failure. We can learn from Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq. Denmark is fast approaching a critical low IQ level, “writes Helmuth Nyborg.


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