The Four Party Conundrum


The 2016 Presidential election my turn out to be the dirtiest, nastiest and most hard fought election in the history of the nation. It certainly is a very different year in politics from anything we have experienced in the past.

What we have here are four viable candidates, two of whom could be denied the nomination because of Party Establishment control of the process. This is the year of voter anger, but the “Big Bosses” are not feeding into that anger, they want to preserve the status quo and will use their power to nominate a candidate that they can control and who will do their bidding.

So out of the process you might get two really pissed off candidates if the top vote getter in each party loses out.

So what would happen if Bernie gets more votes and takes more states than Hillary but loses out because all the super Delegates, made up of Party Hacks, vote for her?

And what if Donald gets more votes and takes more states than Ted but doesn’t quite make the magic number to win on the first ballot. Then on the second and maybe third ballot, when delegates are released from whom they are pledged to, Ted wins the day.

So what if Trump and Sanders go Third Party? Actually, if you want to be mathematically correct, Third and Fourth Party – Independent. And what if nobody gets a majority of Electoral votes?  Remember you need 270 to win.

Or turn it around. What if Trump wins and Cruz goes Third Party, and Sanders wins and Hillary does the same?






Here is how a breakdown could occur with the Four all running for President in November.


NV-6, NM-6, KS-6, MO-10, IL-20,VA-13, DC-3, MD-10, DE-3, NJ-14, NY-29  – TOTAL 11 states with 119 electoral Votes. Let’s say Hillary gets 25% of the popular vote.


1D-4, UT-6, MT-3, WY-3, CO-9, ND-3, SD-3, NE-5, OK -7, TX-38, AR-6, MS-6, IN-11, WVA-5, SC-9, GA-16, TN-11  – TOTAL 17 states with 145 Electoral Votes. Let’s say Ted gets 25% of the popular vote.



WA-12, OR-12, CA-55, MN-10, IA-6, MI-16, PA-20, CT-7, RI-4, VT-3, AK-3, HI-4  – TOTAL 12 states with 142 Electoral Votes. Let’s say Bernie gets 25% of the popular vote.



AZ-11, LA-8, WI-10, KY-8, AL-9, OH-18, NC-15, FL-29, MA-11, NH-4, ME-4  – TOTAL 11 states with 127 Electoral votes. Let’s say Donald gets 25% of the popular vote.


Nobody got 270 Electoral votes. So what happens? The election is thrown into the House of Representatives with each state getting one vote. Who wins that contest?

AND YOU SAY……………..

Map of number of electoral votes by state afte...
Map of number of electoral votes by state after redistricting from the 2000 census. Modified by User:Theshibboleth for the font to be consistent with electoral maps. Edited with Inkscape. Reuploaded by User:King of Hearts to correct spelling (vs. Image:Electorial map.svg). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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