Why Trump Won!

The Lexington Libertarian has tackled this subject before. The point to remember is that every action garners a corresponding reaction. So let’s look at the history that led to the rise of Trump.

2010-01-21-alexanderIt all started with Obama who rose out of the shadows to defeat the favorite Hillary Clinton for the Democrat nomination for President in 2008. Obama won because voters remembered his famous speech before the Democrat National Convention four years earlier – that there were no red states or blue states, no Democrats or Republicans. There were only Americans. It was a great speech of unification and after having gone through the Iraq War, 9-11 and the worst recession in many a moon, the nation needed to heal and come together. And here was a unifier and an African American to boot. That’s what the American people thought they were getting in their new President – a middle of the road Liberal who would be the President of us all and heal the divisions that were tearing this country apart.

Instead, they got a radical Marxist-Socialist who pitted one group against another and brought race relations to its worst situation since the 1960s and the marches of Martin Luther King. A good portion of the American people were appalled. This was not the man they voted for. This was not what they expected to get. A man who did not love his country, at least the one he governed; who toured the world apologizing for America declaring it to be racist and militaristic. No, no this was not what they wanted in a President – just the opposite. This was not the man who made such glowing remarks as the keynote speaker at the Democrat National Convention. But sadly it was.

A large segment of the American people became angry that they were swindled. They never went to the polls to elect a man with a radical, Socialist redistribution, un-American agenda. SO THE TEA PARTY WAS BORN. And the rank and file voters and citizens who were upset organized to roll back this radical agenda that they never wanted. But Obama, the unifier who was now the biggest divider to ever occupy the White House, sicked the IRS on the Tea Party while lying to the American people that, “if you liked your Healthcare plan you could keep your Healthcare plan and if you liked your doctor you could keep your doctor.”

This only made the majority of Americans even angrier. So they took the House away from the Democrats and gave it to the Republicans. And when that didn’t work they took the Senate away from the Democrats and gave it to the Republicans. But that only led to Obama thumbing his nose at the Constitution and governing by Executive Order. Now the American people were really upset. Smoke was coming out their ears.

Meanwhile, the Republicans promised to halt the runaway spending of the federal government, to repeal Obamacare, to halt the decimation of the military, to roll back tax increases, to lessen regulations and many other radical programs that Obama had been able to enact. But the House and the Senate did nothing. They refused to do battle with Obama after the voters had specifically elected them to do just that. They rolled over and played dead. And the Republican Party put up two Establishment Presidential nominees who were weak and who also refused to battle Obama – John McCain and Mitt Romney – not Conservatives but Liberal Republicans who would do the Republican Establishment bidding.  If these two had actually taken Obama to task for his radicalism they might have won. But, oh no, they ran a Gentleman’s campaign. They took the high road while Obama took the low road, smearing and slandering them to defeat.

Now a large segment of the voters were not only angry at the Democrat Party but they were equally upset with the Republican Party. THE RISE OF TRUMP CAN BE DIRECTLY ATTRIBUTED TO THE INACTION OF THE REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell just refused to oppose Obama at all.

So the American people, especially Republican Primary voters, said a POX ON BOTH HOUSES. We don’t want either one of you. You have both failed and you are not interested in what we want.  Meanwhile ,Trump was not hesitant, like other Republicans running for President, to hit on the three biggest issues that Americans wanted solved – Illegal Immigration, Jobs, and Healthcare, which translates into closing the border and building the wall, stopping China and others from taking trade advantage of the US and replacing Obamacare with a free market solution.

Trump became the outsider with the audacity to solve problems. He was the only one who was seen as a leader who would not operate the government as it has been done lately. He was the only one who would BLOW UP THE SYSTEM. And at this point, that is what the American people wanted.




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