Conservatives Do Not Understand The Anger Of American Voters

Conservatives do not understand the anger of American voters. They see an election where Conservative principles will not be followed and they want to impose those principles as conditions for acceptance or they will take their ball and bat and destroy the game.

John McCain official photo portrait.
John McCain official photo portrait. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yet the Right held its nose and supported John McCain when they knew he was the Establishment leadership choice and not a Conservative. They did the same thing four years later with Mitt Romney. But they can’t do it with Donald Trump. Yet millions of voters have voted for Trump in the Primaries. In fact, Trump is poised to set the record for the most votes a Republican Presidential candidate has ever received in the Primary elections.

For the first time, we have Republican Establishment Leadership, RINOs and Conservatives all banded together to see that their Presidential nominee, one chosen by the people, is defeated. What they do not realize is how badly the average wage earner is hurting. Illegal immigration, Middle East refugees, and some bad Trade Deals have left the American worker holding the short end of the stick. The average American wage is less than it was in 2007. Meanwhile, costs have increased and inflation has eaten away at the buying power of the dollar.

Half the Republican Party is for Open Borders because it brings in cheap labor. Trump was the only one with the balls to hit this topic hard. If it were not for Trump, “The Wall” would not be a campaign issue. Remember, Disney hired foreign workers to replace their American workers who they made train the foreigners. Joe Six Pack is trying to raise a family and he believes both parties are pursuing policies that hurt his standard of living.

Meanwhile, the Democrat answer to this problem is a $15 minimum wage which will put more people out of work. Our economy grew by .5% – point 5 percent – last quarter. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats seemed to have the answers that the American workers are looking for. The Middle Class is getting it socked to them and decimated. They feel nobody is listening – except for Trump.

Maybe, just maybe, they are right.





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