I Vote Against You

Which is why I will vote against Hillary not for Trump. I don’t feel the Bern either. Either Democrat would bankrupt this nation and leave our economy in tatters. You would have the streets filled with the unemployed, the misery and the hopelessness so widespread that the 1929-1942 Depression would look like a booming economy.

Those of you who like neither candidate for President and stay home refusing to vote will still get one or the other. Your non-vote will be a 1/2 vote for one or the other. Think about that before you throw another hissy fit. One of the two nominees is going to win no matter what you do. So which one presents the highest degree of danger to this Republic? That’s the one you want to vote against.

So join me and vote against somebody this Presidential election. Don’t vote for somebody, especially some Third Party candidate who has no chance of winning. And likewise for a write-in. If you do that you are still going to get either the Republican nominee of the Democrat nominee as President. So if it has to be one of those two, vote against the biggest evil and spare the nation.

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