Socialism Kills Another Country: The Fall Of Venezuela

This is a video everyone needs to watch.

Socialism punishes the very people who supply the capital to fund business ventures that create jobs. When you confiscate the earnings of the successful you get less success, less business expansion, and start-ups, fewer jobs, less tax revenues.

Socialism does not work. It plunders and rapes countries until they collapse. Anybody ever heard of Greece and its economic woes?  Cuba? Nigeria? North Korea? And the rest of Western Europe is hanging on by a thin thread. The most productive, fastest growing, most job producing nation in Europe is Estonia which adopted free market Capitalism after living under Soviet Socialism for decades.

The soundest economy in South America is free market Capitalist Chile, Venezuela sits on the largest oil reserves in the world yet it is hemorrhaging right now. It is going down so badly that millions will die in the streets – MILLIONS!!!


Bernie Sanders (I-VT)
Bernie Sanders (I-VT) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All you who cheer on and vote for Bernie Sanders, you need to educate yourselves to the evils of Socialism. The future of a vibrant America lies with those who will put into place government policies that foster economic growth. The Democrat Party isn’t interested in economic growth, rather redistribution. Remember that when you go to the polls to vote in November.


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