Conservatives Losing The Culture Wars

Republicans and Conservatives are concentrating on the political wars without trying to influence the culture. Without reintroducing Conservative standards into the media, into academia, and to Hollywood, Conservatives are in for consistent defeats in the future. Current generations are being brainwashed by Leftist activists and as that continues into the future defeats at the ballot box will become normal for Conservatives. Those of us in the alternative media with Conservative-Libertarian values must wage a mass project of education and awareness so that there is another choice for young people. Without choices and alternatives and critical thinking, we get policies like fining and jailing Global Warming skeptics. The Liberal/Left agenda must be fought in the culture in order to obtain the results we are looking for on the political scene.

Patricia McCarthy writing for The American Thinker reports:

America Dismembered

The left says no one should bring up, let alone discuss, Bill Clinton’s long-ago egregious behavior with numerous women as Governor or Arkansas, or his truly disgusting behavior with Monica Lewinsky when he was President.  Hmmm.  And yet Bill Cosby is being tried for his bad acts committed years ago — and the left is on board with that; Cosby had the gall to address the black community with some common sense advice, making him not only fair game but a likely target.  Cosby likely is guilty of the acts for which he is accused but so is Bill Clinton.  The left says Hillary has committed no crimes, no violations of the laws meant to protect our national security with her oh-so-calculated private server.  People, like Gen. Petraeus, have been jailed or fined for a single violation of just one of those laws; Hillary has violated those same laws many times.  Different standard?  Of course.

The left is all about the destruction of the Constitution, about smashing the traditional values of conservatives.  Election laws?  Not for them.  Out-of-wedlock children?  Cool.  Promiscuity?  Extra cool.  Gay marriage?  Mandatory. Transgenderism?  Really cool.  Legislate acceptance of all of the above?  Grand slam.  Christianity?  Judiasm?  No longer acceptable in the Obama era.  Must be punished.

The left long ago took over the indoctrination of our youth.  Teach critical thinking?  No way.  The youth of America must be indoctrinated in the ways of the left.  Gender?  No such thing…it’s a spectrum with many stops on the line.  There is no such thing as male and female.  No.  That has been deemed politically incorrect in the extreme.  Words?  If deemed detrimental by the left they are more harmful than physical violence; the youth must be protected from any words that may offend their tender sensibilities so carefully cultivated from kindergarten through high school.  By the time for university, our youth have been carefully taught.  Those not inculcated with the culture of victimhood, American-born Caucasians, will have learned to loathe their “white privilege.”  They will know to never pick up a book that has been relegated to the trash bin by the left.  This would include nearly every book ever written by a white male. White women are equally suspect.  Those who have been taught that they are victims of a racist culture will embrace their victimhood and thus their entitlement to revenge and retribution.  Authors like Jane Austen have been discarded and replaced by those authors who can reliably claim oppression, no matter how inferior their works are to the classics we once revered for what they taught about the human condition without regard for race or creed.  The study of Western Civilization has been discarded at Stanford!  At hundreds of other colleges as well.  Of course it has.  Western civilization, its literature, its music, its miraculous scientific advances, etc.  is racist, don’t we know.

As John Hinderaker wrote at PowerLine, our government has become a “fish rotting from the head” under Obama. His presidency is corrupt; the Dept. of Justice, our EPA, the IRS, the ATF, and perhaps even the FBI if they do not refer Hillary Clinton for indictment for her crimes.  This administration is a rotting behemoth to be sure.

The Republican DC establishment is equally corrupt; they have done little to stop Obama’s extra-Constitutional power grabs for seven and a half years.  So afraid of being labeled “racist,” so determined to retain their privileged positions and their perks, they have let this anti-American President eviscerate our military, alienate our allies, impose many thousands of mandated “regulations” by fiat, destroy the educational system with Common Core, a conspiracy to mystify math if there ever was one, blatantly enrich his friends via the “stimulus,” and to force his anti-Christian, anti-Semitic agenda on what was once the one true democratic republic on the planet, the one country with an economic system that made the “American dream” a reality possible for all.  With the will, there was a way.  In short, Obama came into the office determined, along with his alter ego Valerie Jarrett and his mind-melded Ben Rhodes, to take the country down and that he has done with astonishing success.


Conservative writer and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza served time in prison for a single campaign finance violation, a $20k donation to a friend.  That is how this White House rolls.  The Clintons have violated all such laws from the moment they entered the political realm in Arkansas.  Their entire life in “public service” has been about enriching themselves.  In just two years Hillary “earned” $21 million giving short speeches to the biggest banks in the country.  And as anyone paying attention knows, the Clinton Foundation is a scam of staggering proportions.  Its donors pay for “speeches,” for access, present or future, for favors, present or future.  The Clintons are a truly malevolent couple.  They care nothing for the poor, for African-Americans, for Hispanics,  LGBTs, etc.  Not one bit.  They are shallow, callow and greedy, the worst of what America has produced over its two-hundred and forty years. The Founders would be horrified.  They would likely be shocked by the rise of Donald Trump as well.  As am I.  But given the criminality of the Clintons, I will be voting for the man who at least loves the country that made him rich.


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