Madness Of Multiculturalism

Mark Steyn is a brilliant philosopher and political pundit. Here he explains the trappings and failures of Multiculturalism.

It is important to note the worth of the individual and that each person deserves our respect. Yet that does not hold true for the philosophies or “group think” under which they live. All men (and women) were created equal. But not all SYSTEMS under which they live are equal. Some societal organizations are better than others. Surely those that would say that the society of the  ISIS Caliphate and the society of the United States are equal, one is not better than the other, is living in dreamland, divorced from reality. But that is just what Multiculturalism says.

We must be careful when we say this that we are not saying that one human being is inherently better than another human being. That’s racism. But one SYSTEM under which each individual lives can be better than others. Otherwise, we have not progressed from Medieval cultures that negated the worth of the individual.


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