Make America Safe Again

We are at war even though we have a weak President who will not fight one. We must remove the fight from the FBI and the courts and transfer it to the military and military tribunals. This is not civil criminal behavior, its war – jihadist terrorism. We must start to fill up Gitmo again. We must close our Southern Border and we must limit our Visas. All legal immigration from Sharia Law countries must be stopped. Middle East refugees must be stopped from entering the United States.

These Jihadists should not be afforded the rights of American citizens. They shouldn’t get lawyers and their day in court. Those rights are reserved for American citizens. Terrorists should be dealt with by the military and we need to go there very quickly before our weakness is exploited again and again.

Terrorist cartoon 5We also must eliminate all the politically correct procedures and allow profiling. We must start again the infiltration of Mosques and the monitoring of radicalism in these so called houses of worship.

There are a lot of things we can do. All we need is a President who has the guts to fight back.


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