Gays Must Die Says Speaker At Orlando Mosque

This speech from radical sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar, was from a few years ago, but what effect might it have had on Omar Mateen? The Liberal/Left coalition is quick to point out Hate Speech and actually pushes for Hate Speech legislation. So we see the Left trying to regulate free speech in violation of the Constitution in order to stop any speech that criticizes Radical Islam, Anthropogenic Global Warming, abortion and other sacrosanct Leftist beliefs.

But Hate Speech against Republicans, Christianity, free market Capitalism, traditional marriage are all acceptable under the code of the Left. Here we see the double standard of free speech so evident today on our college campuses where Conservative speakers are banned and the mere mention of the word “Trump” forces students to seek their “safe zones” where such reprehensible speech cannot be uttered.

Maybe  Conservative Christians who refuse to bake Gay wedding cakes don’t look so bad right now!


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