This Is War, Not Law Enforcement

The fatal strategy of the Democrat Liberal Left in combating Radical Islamists is to treat each one as an individual criminal case. Then when we catch the terrorist we bring him to court to try him making sure we Miranderize him and provide with a lawyer free of charge. The trial costs a cool 2 million dollars but whose counting.

Now imagine doing this for a million captured combatants. Imagine fighting WWII this way. Ridiculous.

We need to take the fight against ISIS and Radical Islam out of the hands of law enforcement and into the hands of the Military. Law enforcement can help but there will be no court trials of terrorists. Instead there will be military tribunals and Gitmo will be opened again for the mass reception of enemy combatants.

Obama and his advisers keep telling us that this terrorism is all isolated cases, so called Lone Wolfs. It just isn’t true. The truth is we are fighting an ideology not a country. That ideology unites terrorists in large numbers or singularly, but it is the force behind the terrorism.

We should declare war against Radical Islam and let the military fight the war. This is what Obama has failed to do. He wants to prosecute each terrorist as an individual criminal. That doesn’t coincide with reality. That’s why we are making no headway. That’s why the President is not protecting American citizens.

Breitbart quotes Islamic prosecutor Andrew McCarthy:

“I think they’re, in part, trying to create an Islam of their own because they don’t want to deal with the one we have. So, in their minds – and this is the thing we’ve seen with Obama for seven years – if you say something that’s not true and you say it often enough and rigorously enough, that maybe your words will turn it into reality. And that’s why it’s so disturbing to have a President living in an alternative reality.”

McCarthy continued, “In their minds, violence has nothing to do with Islam … and the fact that Muslims are committing it is happenstance. There’s no doctrinal underpinning to it…. That’s why you see them so hesitant to say what’s obviously terrorism is terrorism.”

Over a decade ago Douglas Feith is quoted here as saying:

I argued repeatedly before 9/11 that in fighting militant Islam, the United States was battling not just crime but a military enemy; and that the military and intelligence forces should be brought to join law enforcement in defeating it. For example, I made this point in 1998 and in May 2001:

In conceptualizing the Al-Qaeda problem only in terms of law enforcement, the U.S. government misses the larger point: Yes, the operatives engage in crimes, but they are better thought of as soldiers, not criminals. To fight Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups requires an understanding that they (along with some states) have silently declared war on the U.S.; in turn, we must fight them as we would in a war.


March 17, 2004 update: Richard Cheney offered a full and candid explanation today of what was wrong with the pre-9/11 approach:

For many years prior to 9/11, we treated terror attacks against Americans as isolated incidents, and answered – if at all – on an ad hoc basis, and never in a systematic way. Even after an attack inside our own country – the 1993 bombing at the World Trade Center, in New York – there was a tendency to treat terrorist incidents as individual criminal acts, to be handled primarily through law enforcement. The man who perpetrated that attack in New York was tracked down, arrested, convicted, and sent off to serve a 240-year sentence. Yet behind that one man was a growing network with operatives inside and outside the United States, waging war against our country.

For us, that war started on 9/11. For them, it started years before. After the World Trade Center attack in 1993 came the murders at the Saudi Arabia National Guard Training Center in Riyadh, in 1995; the simultaneous bombings of American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, in 1998; the attack on the USS Cole, in 2000. In 1996, Khalid Shaykh Muhammad – the mastermind of 9/11 – first proposed to Osama bin Laden that they use hijacked airliners to attack targets in the U.S. During this period, thousands of terrorists were trained at al-Qaeda camps in Afghanistan. And we have seen the work of terrorists in many attacks since 9/11 – in Riyadh, Casablanca, Istanbul, Mombasa, Bali, Jakarta, Najaf, Baghdad, and most recently, Madrid. Against this kind of determined, organized, ruthless enemy, America requires a new strategy – not merely to prosecute a series of crimes, but to fight and win a global campaign against the terror network.

So this idea is not new. But it falls on deaf ears when the Left is in power.



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