Obama Administration Says Orlando Terrorist Attack Not Inspired By Radical Islam



Obama, through, Attorney General Lynch, tried to pull the wool over our eyes. They refused to release the tape of Mateen’s 911 call. Instead they printed out a redacted and edited version of what he said. For the word Allah they substituted God and the word ISIS was entirely removed. Of course in the end, under public pressure, they took it all back.

But the point to be made here is that Obama does not see any extremism in Islam. There is no violence in Islam, according to our President. Islam is a religion of peace, he says. That is why he refuses to allow any terrorism to be linked to Radical Islamic Terrorists.

That is why the Administration is now saying Islam had nothing to do with the Orlando shooting. This terrorist was a lone wolf, acting on his own perverted beliefs. They see no connection to a world-wide terror movement. The problem is not Islam, says the President, the problem is guns.


Nobody analyzes this issue better than Rush:

This whole thing with redacting the 9/11 calling from the Islamic terrorist?

I got a fascinating email filled with questions about things I said last week about who the left really considers to be their number one enemy.


Not militant terrorists. Not people that want to murder us. They hate us.  They’re scared of us.  They — whatever — despise us more than they despise Islam.  This letter writer asks, “How in the hell can you say that? How in the hell can that be?”  So I’ve gotta prove it again today.  But here.  The FBI assistant special agent in charge Ron Hopper went out there to address the media today. This is after Loretta Lynch’s TV shows yesterday. So he went out there. The bottom line is, here’s where we are: No one can draw pictures.

The religion of peace needs protection, is the bottom line.  The religion of peace needs to be protected because there’s so much mean-spirited extremism aimed against them — so much bias, so much prejudice, so much hate extended toward the religion of peace — they need to be protected.  No one can draw pictures of the Prophet Mohammed. Obama cannot publish the words of a believer who is trying to follow the rules guaranteeing safe passage to 73 raisins. (interruption) Well, yeah, it’s not virgins; we got a new interpretation a couple weeks ago.

It’s raisins; it’s not virgins.  Anybody…? How did they confuse that?  I mean, what do raisins have to do with virgins?  How in the world was that confusion?  Where did that start?  Anyway, so we can’t draw — nobody can draw — pictures of the Prophet Mohammed.  Obama cannot describe militant Islam for what it is.  Obama cannot publish the actual words stated and used by a believer while committing an act of terror who was trying to follow the rules guaranteeing safe passage to the 73 raisins.

Now, not to nitpick here, but how does jihad fit in with the religion of peace? I mean, if we now have to go to these great lengths to protect them. And just to show you where we are, Ronald Hopper today — this is in Orlando mere moments ago — was speaking about the investigation, which he said could take years, by the way.  Did you hear that?  The investigation of this incident could take weeks, it could take months, it could take years.  Here’s the first of three sound bites…

HOPPER:  He identified himself as an Islamic soldier who pledged allegiance to a terrorist organization which was bent on killing Americans.  He does not represent the religion of Islam but a perverted view, which — based on what we know today — was inspired by extremist killers.  We currently have no evidence that he was directed by a foreign terrorist group but was radicalized domestically.

RUSH:  So man, oh, man. They’ve even gotten down to the special agent level of the FBI. They send these guys out and say, “Here’s what you’re gonna say. You’re gonna say he doesn’t represent Islam.  He was not inspired by it.  Let’s see.  He does not represent the religion of Islam but a perverted view. He, based on what we know today, was inspired by extremist killers.” But you see the extremist killers have nothing to do Islam.

No, no, no, no, no! The extremist views have nothing to do with Islam whatsoever, this special agent at the FBI is telling us.  Even though the guy pledged supported for ISIS, “We currently have no evidence that he was directed by a foreign terrorist group but was radicalized domestically.”  What’s the difference?  I mean, when you get right down to it, what’s the difference?  Here’s the next bite…

HOPPER:  Further redacting is meant to not give credence to individuals who have done terrorist acts in the past.  We’re not going to propagate their rhetoric — their violent rhetoric — and we see no value in putting those individuals’ names back out there. For cowards like this one, people like that influence them; so we’re not going to continue to put their names out front.

RUSH:  So we’ve redacted everything the guy said about the reasons he did it.  We’re just gonna redact it, because this is almost verbatim what Loretta Lynch was saying all over TV yesterday.  So the orders have gone out from on high how this is gonna be portrayed.  I think what you need to remember are the audio sound bites we had last week from James Kallstrom who was the former head of the New York office of the FBI, and he explained in his own words the practical application today of Countering Violent Extremism, as we detailed it for you last week.

It is the latest directive from Obama, which does not permit the FBI to gather intel directly from Muslim communities, neighborhoods, what have you. Mosques, you name it.  The FBI is not allowed. They can only… In fact, they’re not allowed to the investigate the social media accounts of Muslims who commit acts of terrorism and post it on social media. They’re not. Even though they broadcast it far and wide why they’re doing what they’re doing and to whom they’re going to do it, the FBI is not allowed to use any of that in the investigation. 

Kallstrom made it clear. (summarized) “Our hands are tied. We cannot presume. We cannot accept what we learn.”  The only way that the FBI can utilize any intel as if it happens to come from inside the community delivered by somebody there, like a rogue informant or somebody in a neighbor or in a mosque who hears it and calls the FBI. Then they can deal with it, but they can’t go in there and find out on their own.  They cannot look at social media.  And this is the manifestation of it.  Here comes this FBI agent:

This guy was not who he says he was, and so we’re not gonna publish the words he used because we’re not gonna allow this guy to tar and feather an innocent religion.  We are not gonna allow this guy to do it! So we’re not gonna allow this guy to continue to propagandize.  These guys redact a lot.  They redact the Benghazi hearings report, a number of the phone calls that went on that night.  To me, this is insane.  There’s no other way to describe it.  This is insane, folks. It’s literally insane.

It is one of the countless number of things that just fly in the face of standard, ordinary, everyday common sense.  And it’s things like this that make people start asking questions.  “What in the world is going on?  Why in the world is it going on?” You start asking these questions, start getting very close to it, and then you have to back off for fear of what might descend upon you.  But it doesn’t make any sense.  I mean, the answers to the questions that everybody asks: Why this desperate desire to protect obvious intent on the part of the obvious associated?

Why protect it?

Why try to go to the effort to make everyone not see what is plain as day?  Why?  You start asking that question, and the answers get very dangerous very quickly. (interruption) Well, they do.  That’s why I myself am even backing off.  I had a guy tell me he wrote a column trying to answer that question based on my frustration with trying to get right up to it and backing off for fear that literally there may not be any future in going there. (interruption)  No. (interruption)  Well, no.  I don’t think it’s that.  (interruption)

Snerdley says, “There’s only one conclusion we can come to now, but we can’t say it.” I don’t think that’s it.  We could go the benefit-of-the-doubt route. (interruption) You’re talking about the president, right?  (interruption) Right.  We’d have to go to the benefit of the doubt route if we wanted to touch on this at all.  Maybe I will.  You know, give me some… “I pledge allegiance…” But, see, he wasn’t being ordered by ISIS.  They’re saying that he was radicalized by the internet!

He was “radicalized.” He’s not really one of them, see? He’s not really one of ’em. He’s just Looney Tunes. He got radicalized.  Radicalized by who?  What radicalized them?  Other extremists that have nothing to do with Islam?  What radicalized the guy? (interruption) I know.  You take the Allah references out, because, as I just said, this administration is doing everything it can to protect religion of peace.  This guy’s words of motive, everybody… Why? When something like this happens, why? Why did it happen?

So you just heard the sound bites from the FBI special agent, assistant agent in charge, Ron Hopper, saying that we redacted because the shooter does not represent Islam and we’re not gonna go there, not gonna allow him to propagandize things.  I want to remind you what Kallstrom said last Thursday night on Fox News Channel. Megyn Kelly said, “Why is the FBI not getting these guys even though they’re on the radar?”

KALLSTROM:  Get this wet blanket of political correctness off the backs of law enforcement, off the backs of the FBI.  Last time I was on with you, Megyn, I got about 35 jobs from agents who are on the job at different levels saying, “Boy, you hit the nail on the head.” The rules of engagement, what the bureau is being told about what they can do and what they can’t do. They can’t go sniffing around anything to do with Muslims.  They can’t go around to mosques.  They can’t do things that they would normally do.  I’m not talking things that are off the charts.  I’m talking about things that normally would be done.  But the orders have come down from the White House.

RUSH:  What about Comey?  He was director.

KALLSTROM:  Yes.  But Comey can’t talk about it either.  I’d like to think if I was the director, I would talk about it.  Comey needs people.

RUSH:  Okay, that’s enough.  Compare that to what we heard from Ron Hopper who said the killer identified himself as an Islamic soldier.  He does not represent the religion of Islam.  But, look, the orders have gone down from this Regime, and if you stop and think a, why would Obama and Lynch allow Mateen to do the propaganda

There are four gun control measures in the Senate today that are gonna be voted on, all because of this attack in Orlando that had nothing to do with… See, if it had nothing to do with Islam, and it had nothing to do with Muslims, then it had to do with what?  The easy availability of guns! You see the magic here?  Yes my friends the guns are so easy, the gun show loophole.  Do you know there isn’t a gun show loophole?  What do you think the gun show loophole is?  You think people can go buy guns at a gun show and not have to get a background check, right?

That’s what everybody think’s the gun show loophole.  That’s BS.  You know this guy…? Who was it? (interruption) No, CBS.  It’s our Morning Update for tomorrow.  CBS tried to show how easy it is to get an AR-15, which was not what this guy even used.  This guy use a Sig Sauer, or Sig Sauer. I’m not sure how you pronounce it.  So they sent this woman into a gun shop to buy an AR-15 and they thought they’d be able to walk in there, hand over the money, and walk out and start shooting people.

It took 38 minutes and they found out that unless she did a couple specific things, she wouldn’t get the gun, that it would be turned over to a federal agency to further review.  The whole thing blew up in their faces. But the gun show loophole? “Well, you can go to a gun show and some black market dealer will sell you whatever you want! You don’t have to pass a background check.” It’s BS.  Ah, it doesn’t matter.  Increasingly, the facts and truth, none of that matters.

Here we have an obvious act of terror by an obvious Islamic extremist, and what the Regime is do is trying to tell us is, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no!  There is no terrorism in Islam.  This guy’s a pretender.  He was radicalized by others who are not Islam.  They’re pretenders, and this is the religion of peace, and there is no terrorism there, and we’re not gonna allow this nutcase to go out and propagandize a bunch of lies.”  Right.  Well, let a 5-year-old show up in kindergarten with a Confederate flag T-shirt and see what happens.

The kid gets sent home. Or let some little kid make a gun out of his thumb and index finger.  The kid gets sent home, punished, what have you.  There is zero tolerance for anything that has to do with conservatism.  But with this, we’re willing to deny utter, cold reality.  Not we; the Regime.

“All elected Democrats are deflecting the real issues to get us all focused on guns.  The FBI, the CIA, ICE, Homeland Security, are as in the dark and hamstrung from stopping anything as we were when we were attacked a decade ago on 9/11.  They’re able to totally ignore the fact that Muslims hate us.  They hate homosexuals.  They hate women.  They abuse children.  They hate Jews.  They want us all to die.  By doing so, they put every American’s life at risk.  Islamic terrorists.  I do not get that all Democrats, every single person within the government, the entire Drive-By Media are in agreement with this.” 

And remember now, keep in mind, if they’re trying to say that Mateen was just doing nothing but spreading propaganda, and was not being honest — he’s not really an Islamic terrorist, not really even a Muslim; he was making it all up — and they’re gonna deny him the opportunity to engage in his propaganda, well, why not?  I mean, they are the ones who set the narrative, after all, right?  Why should they allow this guy to set the narrative?  I mean, from their standpoint, from their point of view.

Obama isn’t gonna sit there and let this guy wreak havoc on his administration.  Here’s Obama hands off, won’t say anything derogatory, and then these militant acts of terror continue to happen, and they continue to happen while the people that commit the acts know exactly what they’re doing. It flies in the face of Obama’s narrative.  He’s not gonna let the guy set the narrative, so of course they’re gonna redact these tapes.  Of course they’re gonna tell us that this guy was a fraud; he’s not really being honest, because there is no terrorism in Islam.

Let’s add on top of this, the Regime comes long and bans the use of the word “Sharia,” bans the use of the word “jihad.” Now you have Obama sending Loretta Lynch out there yesterday. “No, no, no! We’re gonna redact this, because this guy, this guy’s a one-off. He was radicalized, but he had nothing to do with ISIS. He’s got nothing to do with Islam. He’s got nothing to do with Muslims. He’s nothing to do with terrorism.  This guy’s a one-off, standalone criminal who may have been radicalized on the internet, but he doesn’t represent anything!

“So we’re gonna say that what he said is irrelevant.  He didn’t know what he was talking about.  We’re gonna redact his words.” Well, you have to put yourself in the shoes of the average, ordinary American, who already has — however long they’ve lived — years of experience of being told that the real threat in this country is the people who oppose “choice,” the people who oppose “climate change,” the people who oppose freedom, the people who are for the rich, the people who are for racism, who are for bigots.  That’s what they’ve been told.

I can’t… I don’t know what other explanation make sense.  So ultimately, here you have an act of terrorism.  And there’s been one every year.  We’ve had a serious act of terrorism every year of the Obama administration — every year — and with every one of them, Republicans end up being thought of by a majority of people as the culprits.  “Yeah, if the Republicans hadn’t stood in the way of gun control, the guy wouldn’t have been able to do it! If the Republicans weren’t in bed with the NRA, if the Republicans weren’t in bed with corporate America, then…”

However it is said in ways that they believe it.  So it becomes Mateen didn’t even do it.  Mateen may have been… Before it’s all over, Mateen may have been inspired to do this by virtue of the hatred he heard coming from Republicans.  Don’t be surprised if that’s where this long investigation ends up, that this guy been radicalized not by ISIS, not by Al-Qaeda.  He had been radicalized by extreme Republican rhetoric.  You wait and see.  It’s what they’ve been doing.


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