This Election Is A Revolution


The Left won’t admit it. But Judge Pirro knows. Brexit and Donald Trump are the average working Joe and Jane throwing the elites out of power. Democrat Liberals and Leftists have increased government power over the lives of US citizens not for the betterment of the general population but for their own personal enrichment. They have decimated the Middle Class. The American public has finally caught on to the ruse as have the British as have the Italians who elected a reform Mayor out of nowhere. The world is in revolt and the biggest trigger was the Open Borders of the EU which allowed for a Sharia invasion and the corresponding United States Open Border where millions pour into the country to live off of welfare.

RushWe will remind all of what Rush recently said:

“The elites, the rich, the ruling class have finally made no pretense about it,” he said on his radio program Friday. “They act as though they’re betters; they treat everybody else as though they are lessers.

Limbaugh said those in the U.K.’s middle and lower classes “are not going to take being ignored and impugned and laughed at and used and lied to anymore.”

According to Limbaugh, the leading purpose for the EU is for its most powerful leaders to “grease the skids for their own existence” at the expense of the middle class.

“It’s exclusionary. It’s almost a caste system. You have the upper class — and this is a big difference from the way it used to be. Even in this country and even in Great Britain, even in the days of aristocracy,” the conservative talker said of the EU.

But now voters are standing up to the “cronyism,” he said.

“It’s taken a while, but people have finally figured out what Trump is talking about, that things are rigged,” Limbaugh asserted. “And even if they’re not specifically able to point out situation by situation, it’s inescapable by virtue of living your life that there is a rigged game going on that you’re not allowed to play.”

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