Obama’s Foreign Policy Has Made The World Less Safe And Put Your Life In Danger

The President has operated from a policy of lead from Behind instead of take charge, as he continuously has stated that the problems of the world in the past were caused by American intervention in the affairs of other nations. This is not only untrue, America is not the problem, but it leaves a vacuum of power in the world that can be filled by less righteous sources and thus creating a more dangerous world to live in. That includes America as we have seen terrorism come to our shores.

Instead of admitting it was terrorism fueled by a radical religious ideology the President has tried to tell us that these were Random Acts of terrorism and that there was no guiding ideology that prompted them. Thus he has attempted to try in the courts those terrorists that have been caught rather than treating them as foreign enemy combatants and letting the military handle them.

The President has also refused to admit or proclaim that we are at War, which we are. His attempts at closing the Guantanamo Bay detention facility reflect that view. His refusal to let military tribunals handle terrorists but instead insisting that civil courts mettle out justice is not only more costly but ridiculous. His release of foreign criminals from American jails and terrorists from Gitmo has only made matters worse.

It was not that long ago that President Ronald Reagan showed us how we could get PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH.

Obama, evidently, believeS in PEACE THROUGH WEAKNESS.


Former Senator Scott Brown explains it this way:

In an increasingly dangerous world, Obama has checked out as commander in chief


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