Open Borders Don’t Work

And the problem is:

  • The Left’s total acceptance of Multiculturalism. Most people think that Multiculturalism just means a respect for all cultures. In fact it is often used that way as in “Multicultural Fairs.” But the Hard Left knows it to mean that all cultures are equal. are equally good, and even though they have totally separate views on life and the way society should be run which they will not give up, that they can live together in peace and harmony. They cannot. Sharia Law and American Law are not compatible and cannot coexist. Either one or the other must win out. Different cultures that immigrate to a new host country must assimilate into the host country’s culture or otherwise there will be social unrest and chaos.
  • The Democrat Party is using immigration, illegal immigration and refugee resettlement as a way to add voters to their political party. Open borders is a way to insure that policy.
  • Westerrn civilization is now faced with a Muslim invasion whose primary purpose is not a better way of life but a way to take over the world, one country at a time, little by litttle. Western birthrates average 1.3 while the Muslim birth rate is 3.5. It will only take two to three generations before Muslims can takeover a country by sheer numbers and use the very democracy that provided citizens freedom to impose their own way of life on everybody and do it democratically.

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