Hillary’s Incompetence

Not only is Hillary incompetant but she is also crooked and corrupt. The meeting betwen Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch which was supposed to be secret, was a deal maker – you don’t prosecute Hillary and she will appoint you to another term as Attorney General when she is elected President. But then they got to Comey too, perhaps with the same deal, so Lynch could then say I will accept whatever decision the FBI makes. She knew before hand what that decision was going to be.

And then people wonder why Trump is so popular. You may not like his disposition but Trump is one man who cannot be bought.

Dick Morris thinks the backroom deals of the Democrats stink:

A Corrupt Bargain: Hillary To Reappoint Lynch As Attorney General
79510-dick2bmorrisBy DICK MORRIS
Published on DickMorris.com on July 5, 2016

On Sunday, July 3rd, The New York Times printed what can only be called a sales receipt sealing the deal whereby the Clintons bought the cooperation of Attorney General Loretta Lynch return for a promise to reappoint her.  The Times story featured the following quote:

“Democrats close to Mrs. Clinton say she may decide to retain Ms. Lynch, the nation’s first black woman to be attorney general, who took office in April 2015.”

The damning quote was inserted into the Times story to confirm to Lynch that her message had been received and acknowledged by Hillary’s people.  The deal was set:  No indictment in return for reappointment.

In light of the timing of events over the past few days, anyone with an ounce of sense must dismiss the idea that the sequence of meetings and statements was merely coincidental.  It was all planned.

Did Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch happen to be on the same tarmac at the same time on Thursday, June 30th?  No way.  A Congressional committee should put both under oath and ask the question.  (Although swearing Bill in to tell the truth under oath is, perhaps, pointless).  Doubtless, an intermediary such as former Attorney General Eric Holder was involved in arranging the meeting.

Was it coincidental that no media was allowed and photographs were prohibited?  And that the story only leaked because someone in Justice let it out?  Of course it was not.

And, during the meeting, what happened?  A great deal more than a discussion of grandchildren.  Likely Lynch told Bill that his wife wouldn’t be indicted and, perhaps, even coached her — through him — about what to say at her deposition two days hence.

And, in return, one can easily imagine a hearty handshake from the former president and a bromide like “I want you to know that both Hillary and I deeply admire the job you are doing as Attorney General and would be honored to have you continue to work closely with us in the future.”  Translation: reappointment.  A corrupt bargain.Attorney General Loretta Lynch

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