The Problem Is Muslims Are Moving Backward

Mark Steyn, a writer, political commentator, and cultural critic, breaks down the numbers and explains why they spell doom for the Western world with Hoover fellow Peter Robinson on Uncommon Knowledge.

Steyn is the author of the book “American Alone. The End Of The World As We Know It” and this is the 4th video in discussion of his book.

The point that Steyn is making is that all of Western Europe will be a Muslim majority by 2030. America alone in Western Civilization, will keep its identity.

We must also addd that what is happening to Europe is not refugee resettlement or mass imigration but rather an invasion by Muslims who have become more radical than their predecessors, that is they are moving bckward to the 7th Century. Invaders are refusing to assimilate but rather desire to take over the culture of their host country.

This is food for thought in how we, the United States, handle Muslim immigration.


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