Assasinations Where The Left Politicizes Violence

Another shooting whereby Democrats can push for gun control, er gun confiscation. When Islamic Radical Jihadists murder Americans it is the fault of guns. When Blacks murder White Americans it is not the fault of guns it is the fault of Racism and that means Republicans, Conservatives and Tea Party members. THIS WAS NOTHING LESS THAN ASSASINATIONS.

Stefan Molyneux and Rush agree:

Can we all agree that the shooter is not a Republican.  We safely assume the shooter is not a Republican?

Could we logically conclude that, if the shooter votes, he votes Democrat?  If he votes, can we assume… Based on 93% of the African-American vote goes to the Democrat candidate every four years, can we assume, if he votes, he’s a Democrat?  I’m not going any further than that.  I’m just trying to set up a premise here, and it is this:  When al-Qaeda, when ISIS, when militant Jihadists, when militant Islamists create and perform domestic terrorism, what do the Democrats do?  They blame the gun.

They blame paranoia on the right for describing it as “militant Islamic terrorism.”  They will not even call it what it is.  Am I wrong to point out that President Obama and the Democrats have sought to blame George W. Bush and Guantanamo Bay and various other aspects of American foreign policy for the existence of Islamic terrorism?  Am I right or am I wrong?  I’m right.  Yet, when this guy… What is his name here? Micah X. Johnson.

When Micah X. Johnson commits a massacre of police officers in Dallas, who gets blamed?  Conservatives.  Republicans.  Donald Trump, for crying out loud!  Jesse Jackson and any other number of civil rights activists pop straight up and blame Donald Trump — who just happens to be the presumptive Republican nominee.  Other than that, what in the name of Sam Hill does Donald Trump have to do with any of this?  Absolutely nothing!

And yet, when Democrats murder people with guns, Democrats never blame the gun.  They blame conservatives.  They blame Republicans.  It’s astounding.  And people let it happen.  When a movie theater gets blown up in Colorado, Brian Ross of ABC News, the first things he does is try to find out what?  If the shooter happens to be a member of the Tea Party!  I wonder, did ABC’s investigative unit try to find out if Micah X. Johnson is a member of the Tea Party?

Did they try to find out if he’s a member of the new Black Panthers?  I guarantee you they didn’t.  Did they try to find out if he was a member of Black Lives Matter?  Maybe.  And would they have found anything wrong with that if they did?  Probably not.  So don’t tell me in your snarky little e-mails here that I don’t know what I’m talking about.  This is purely politicized, and there is a political party that seeks to advance its agenda after every one of these. I’ve got audio sound bites coming up here from prominent Congressional Black Caucasians which will make my point for me.

I want you to listen to Loretta Lynch.  Not only did she say she’s going to investigate this as a hate crime — and, by the way, that just means she’s going to investigate it.  We don’t know what she’s going to conclude.  She may well conclude it wasn’t a hate crime because Black Lives Matter doesn’t hate!  Why, they’ve been commemorated by Barack Obama in an official commemoration ceremony at the White House.  Black Lives Matter, two leading members, were said by Obama to be better organizers than he ever was.  Here’s the first Loretta Lynch sound bite…

LYNCH:  Americans across our country are feeling a sense of helplessness, of uncertainty and of fear.  These feelings are understandable and they are justified.  But the answer must not be violence.  The answer is never violence.  Rather, the answer — our answer, all our answer — must be action.  Calm, peaceful, collaborative and determined action.  We must continue working to build trust between communities and law enforcement.  We must continue working to guarantee every person in this country equal justice under the law.

RUSH:  Now wait for it.  Wait for it here…

LYNCH:  We want to take a hard look at the ease with which wrongdoers can get their hands on deadly weapons  and the frequency with which they use them.

RUSH: (chuckle) It’s as predictable as the sun coming up.  And here’s the next Loretta Lynch …

LYNCH:  Those who seek to improve our country through peaceful protest and protected speech, I want you to know that your voice is important.  Do not be discouraged by those who use your lawful actions as a cover for their heinous violence.  We will continue to safeguard your constitutional rights and to work with you in the difficult mission of building a better nation and a brighter future.

RUSH:  You realize what this is?

LYNCH:  And to all Americans, I ask you, I implore you —

RUSH: Right.

LYNCH: — do not let this week precipitate a new normal in this country.”

RUSH:  You guys have defined a bunch of new normals like economic collapse, joblessness.  You realize what she’s saying here?  “We will continue to safeguard your constitutional rights to work with you in the difficult mission of building a better nation and brighter future”?  She’s telling you, protesters, “We will continue to look out for you.  We’re going to continue to protect you protesters!”

RUSH:  So Loretta Lynch, press conference, says the answer is never violence.  And Obama went out there and condemned violence.  But I’m sorry, folks, I think it’s a little too late.  I’ll never forget Wayne LaPierre, National Rifle Association, appeared on This Week With David Brinkley back during the Clinton administration.  There was a spate of violence and the usual predictable things were going on.  The Democrats are running around complaining about guns and mounting new gun-control proposals and measures and so forth.

Wayne LaPierre, I don’t even remember the question he was asked, but he said that (paraphrasing): “I believe that President Clinton is comfortable with a certain level of violence because it permits him to continue the process of advancing his agenda of convincing people they should give up their guns. That innocent people with guns are the problem in America and more violence, a certain level of it, the president’s comfortable with that.”

And frankly, folks, I don’t think there’s been any change from Clinton to the president.  That’s what I mean by, when you see people trying to benefit from this, to me that’s just sickening.  And already, last night we saw the beginnings of that, political benefits.  Just the objective, just trying to benefit politically from this.  Especially when the people engaging in it are those who claim to love people, who don’t want any loss of life other than in a womb.  Loss of life in the womb, that’s acceptable, too.

We’ve got the situation here where any event like this you have the race business hustlers and you have the usual suspects in the Democrat Party surface and say things in such a way as to promote the way they look at things, as though this is something that has happened that proves one of their points that they then are trying to use to advance their agenda.  They’re doing it after the loss of life.  It just sickens me.  It has sickened me for as long as I’ve been aware of how it happens.  It sickens me and the more it continues to happen, the greater the sickness.  And I know exactly why.

Look at the police chief of Dallas, African-American.  Police chief in Atlanta, African-American.  There are more African police chiefs — Baltimore.  Prosecutor, African-American.  Is it stopping anything?  Is it appeasing anybody?  Is it helping to convince bad actors, hey, things are changing for the better.  There are more African-Americans in positions of power in the police department and on city town councils and in the mayor’s office.  Is it stopping any of this, or is it ratcheting up?

How many of you, how many of you know people who back in 2008 voted for Barack Obama on the premise that this kind of thing would come to an end because voting for a black man and electing him would say once and for all this country is no longer racist?  And I could make the case, as you could, that it has gotten worse.  And one of the reasons it’s gotten worse is because the expectations, the expectations of African-Americans Obama hasn’t come close to meeting.  You know what they thought an election of an African-American was going to mean to them versus what’s happened, that’s a wide gap.

Not to mention all the other voters who voted for Obama on the basis that doing so would send a signal that there is a declining racist mentality from coast to coast.  It just hasn’t worked out.  In fact, grab sound bite number seven. I can find gazillions examples of this, but here’s just one of me February 22nd, 2008.  This is practically, this is ten months before the election.  This is February 22nd, 2008.

RUSH ARCHIVE: “If Obama gets elected president, wouldn’t it be good to just get this done, Rush, then we could end those civil rights squabbles that we’re having?” It wouldn’t do that, folks, it wouldn’t do that. It might even exacerbate them.

RUSH: And it has, and it has for predictable reasons.  And then of course, Loretta Lynch, the answer is never violence. But we have Barack Obama talking about community organizing as president of the United States or as a presidential candidate, I forget which, but he says if they bring a knife you bring a gun, or whatever it was he said.  He was clearly indicating that he’s ready to roll.  He’s ready to rumble out there in his efforts at community organizing.

I also had some snarky e-mails that I checked during the break:  “You just make it up.  Obama never praised Black Lives Matter at the White House.”  Well, I have a Breitbart story here, this is from February 21st, 2016.  “Obama Thanks Black Lives Matter Leaders for Their ‘Outstanding Work.'” It was this year.

“Flanked by liberal legislators, and Black Lives Matter founders Brittany Packnett and DeRay Mckesson, President Obama told White House meeting of young militant leftists that they ‘are much better organizers’ than he was at their age, and that he is ‘confident that they are going to take America to new heights.'”

This is just six months ago.  Six months ago.  Do you remember when Black Lives Matter came into existence?  Tell me when?  Ferguson.  That’s exactly right. Black Lives Matter never existed, nobody’s ever heard of it until Ferguson, Missouri and Michael Brown and hands up, don’t shoot, which didn’t happen.  Hands up, don’t shoot never happened.

There’s video of this massacre in Texas last night with protesters dancing and singing outside the convenience store, saying hands up, don’t shoot.  Now, who’s responsible for perpetuating that lie?  It literally did not happen, folks.  Michael Brown never put his hands up.  He never turned his back on the cop.  He was not shot in the back.  He never said, “My hands are up, don’t shoot.”  None of that.  None of it happened.  Not a single syllable of that happened.  It was, in fact, just the opposite.

The guy ripped off a convenience store, engaged in a little violence against the owner or the clerk at the store, and then threatened the cop who was arresting him for walking in the street, or trying to get him to move back to the sidewalk.  The gentle giant, he was just walking down the street on a Saturday afternoon in August, thinking excitedly about his upcoming freshman year in college.  Three months later a couple of St. Louis Rams football players, during player introductions, run out of the tunnel with their hands up and waving, reenacting hands up, don’t shoot, which did not happen.

Now, I’m asking, who perpetuates this lie?  I’ll give you a hint.  It isn’t the Tea Party.  It’s not the Republican Party.  It’s not the conservative population in this country.  It arguably could be said it’s the civil rights coalitions, the Reverend Jacksons and Al Sharptons.  It could be said it’s the Democrat Party, and by all means it’s the media.  Without any shred of doubt it’s the media which has perpetuated the hoax. Just like Duke lacrosse rape hoax, so was hands up, don’t shoot a total hoax.  And out of that hoax was born Black Lives Matter, much the same as after the Tea Party organically materialized, the Democrats went out and created Occupy Wall Street.

It was funded.  It was organized and manmade.  It was not organic.  Occupy Wall Street did not spring up out of the ether.  It was created by the Democrat Party to counter the Tea Party, which they were scared to death of.  They had to make it look like there was a similar or even larger movement that was bigger that disagreed.  And that’s what Occupy Wall Street was and Black Lives Matter.  I don’t know who the real organizers were and I don’t know who dreamed them up.  But they appear right in the middle of the Michael Brown hoax.  And what does Black Lives Matter do?

Black Lives Matter stormed, in one instance, the stage where crazy Bernie was conducting a political rally.  Crazy Bernie, why did they storm the stage?  Because crazy Bernie made the statement that all lives matter.  Uh-uh-uh.  And they stormed the stage and they took the microphone away from him.  He had committed a gigantic liberal sin, because all lives don’t matter.  That is the point of Black Lives Matter.  Blue lives don’t matter.  All lives don’t matter.  Black lives matter.  And if you don’t heel to that, they’re going to storm the stage.

I think they even gave Hillary Clinton some grief when she tried to also make the statement at one point that all lives matter.  And who’s out there promoting this and giving them cover and applauding them, but Barack Hussein Obama, who brings them to the White House and praises them as better organizers than even he ever was. He assures everybody that he’s confident that they’re going to take America to new heights, while America is descending to, to a lot of people, new lows.

As Heather Mac Donald said, this is largely a repeat of the riots of the 1960s.  But this is different.  In my own estimation, it’s different because the ’60s happened.  There’s no question that they happened.  But in the ’60s you didn’t have encouragement and promotion of what was going on from the White House.  Back in the ’60s many of the protests were aimed at the Democrat Party.  They tore up the Democrat Convention in 1968.  Students for Democratic Society drove Lyndon Johnson out of office over Vietnam.

I know there’s a Democrat in office of the White House, but they’re not protesting Obama, folks, oh, no way are what they doing related to dissatisfaction with Barack Obama, in no way, shape, manner or form.  And we can’t leave out of the equation the old standbys, the Drive-By Media seeing yet another drive-by opportunity with coverage of Black Lives Matter.  Anything to advance the agenda that conservatives are racists, that Republicans are racists.

And that’s the attempt that’s being made here today with the Reverend Jackson trying to lay this at the feet of Trump.  It’s almost laughable.  Donald Trump?  Donald Trump is responsible for what happened?  Donald Trump?  It’s just laughable.  And Obama’s in Warsaw, Poland.  He says last night: “When people say black lives matter, that doesn’t mean that blue lives don’t matter.”  Why does he have to say that?  Why does Obama have to remind people, “Hey, just because you say black lives matter, it doesn’t mean that blue lives don’t matter.”  It does to the Black Lives Matter group.

The reason Obama has to go out and say it and clarify it is probably because most rational people understood that when it was said black lives matter and the left promptly shouted down people who said all lives matter that the meaning was only black lives matter.  Since that’s what rational people believe, no, black lives matter means only black lives matter.  Obama had to go out and assure everyone:  No, no, no, blue lives matter, too.  And we know what the Black Lives Matter movement represented.  It was about so-called white privilege, the sin of being born white.  It was about systemic racism, as if this is the 1870s.  It was about anger at everyone except those who have made poverty a family tradition in the urban core.

The Democrats built that.  Who benefits from people in poverty, folks.  I’m sorry.  Somebody does.  Don’t sit there.  If you want to try to deny that you need to wake up.  You don’t think people are benefitting from others being in poverty?  You don’t think there are people benefitting from people being dependent?  Why are the Democrats so excited to bring in unskilled, low education or no education illegal immigrants?  Why are they so excited to bring in people who can’t take care of themselves?  Don’t tell me they don’t benefit.  And the message gets out.  Sure, it does.


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