Obama, The Great Divider, Is Responsible For Anarchy

We have a President who has to show moral equvalency for both sides. In the processs he supports those who are clearly out of line, illegal and violent. Think back 8 years. Was the racial unrest under George Bush as bad as it is today? Was it even this bad under Bill Clinton?

We have a President who campaigned as the GREAT UNIFER who instead has become the GREAT DIVIDER, constantly pitting one group of Americans against another in order to maintain power.


Rush reports: 

The Great Divider Tells Police Officers: I’m Your Only Hope, You Racists

“Obama spent [yesterday] preparing to address the nation at a Tuesday memorial service in Dallas for five slain police officers and meeting with advocates at the White House…  The president met for nearly two hours with leaders of eight law enforcement groups Monday, informing them that he considered the killing of the five police officers in Dallas on Thursday ‘a hate crime…'”  Headline: “Obama Tells Police: ‘I Am Your Best Hope’ for Relations with Communities of Color.”  Obama said “that he would work actively to serve as an intermediary between minority activists and police.

“‘I’m your best hope,’ Obama remarked at one point, according to the Fraternal Order of Police’s James O. Pasco, one of the meeting’s attendees.” Well, then God help the police.

But Obama, he’s clearly been saying things and acting out as though he, too, is a person with a grievance against the cops.  And in that way, he establishes a commonality with these people who are protesting them.  You can’t deny that he does that.  He’s got the politics of grievance down pat.  It’s one of his identifying markers.

One of the things that Biden did… This is a Neil Munro story at Breitbart. “Obama Tells Cops in White House Meeting Their Police Forces Are Racist. — ‘And he said, “But you also have to recognize that there is still institutional discrimination.

You and I know how Obama does this.  It happened with Skip Gates.  I could run down a roster of things where this is what happens.

The first reports of an episode happen and Obama’s instinct, the first thing he says about whatever event that just happened, is always going to be tainted by his instinct, which is racial grievance.  And then when we learn later that that had nothing to do with what had happened, I can give you movie theater shoot-ups, any of these events, the Fort Hood thing, anything. Obama, his first reaction is always going to parallel those who have a sense of grievance about things where race is involved.

And then after the facts are known, Obama doesn’t go back and clean it up.  Sometimes he does, but he never does so in the sense that he’s correcting himself.  His instincts betray him.  And I’m just saying it’s not unifying.  And I don’t think Obama’s trying to be unifying.  I think Obama stands with people he thinks have been given the shaft ever since this country was founded.  I think his objective is to even the playing field, as he defines it.  And the way he does it is to transfer discrimination from one group to the next, rather than end it. 

His prescription is payback.  And that’s what we’re all getting here.  And by the way, I’m not even gonna grant the assumption the payback is justified or warranted.  I think a convoluted view of this stuff has polluted a lot of this.  But this is where we are.  There’s nothing unifying that’s going on here.  There’s nothing in common we can all stand up for and hold hands and unify around.  That’s just not on tap here.  The Democrat Party doesn’t have any interest in that.



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