After Nice Are We Going To Get Another Presidential Lecture On Gun Control?

Are We Going To Get Another Presidential Lecture On Gun Control Or Is “TRUCK CONTROL” COMING SOON?

The death ideology of Radical Islamism cannot be reasoned with and its cause is in its religious roots.Whether we outlaw guns or not will have absolutely no effect on Jihadist killings. Hower, immigration control will be vital. Did not the 9-11 attackers use box cutters to bring down the World Trade Center? Have these Jihadists not used bombs and suicide bomb packs to kill with? They care nothing for their own lives becasue their ideology is one of death not life.

Assault Trucks


Hill No asks:

But the question now is, what will he (Obama) do next?

Will he take any concrete action to stem the tide of attacks around the world?  Or will he revert to form and advocate even more gun control and more unvetted refugees from countries known to be hotbeds of terrorism?

Will he repeat his Dallas performance and lecture us about the evils of racism and conservatism while looking down his nose at us?  Will he go to the United Nations to tell the world that the future doesn’t belong to those who insult the Prophet Mohammed?

Or will he use the occasion to call for truck control?  After all, if the driver of the vehicle had a proper background check before being granted access to a truck, this might very well have been avoided.  It may sound facetious, but the last seven years or so has shown us that anything is possible with this regime.

No matter what action he chooses to take, if any, history has shown that it will in all likelihood, be weak, feckless and ineffective.

Maybe one day, we’ll have a real president who will realize the very clear and present danger the world faces from those who support the ideology that drives groups like ISIS and will do what is necessary to stop it.

Until then, sadly, the body count will continue to rise, both here in the U.S. and abroad…

Fundamental transformation, indeed…

Meanwhile, I’ll leave this here.  Vive la France.  Vive la liberté:


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