Obama On The Wrong Side Again

As an attempted military coup unfolds in Turkey, a statement from President Obama urged all sides to support the democratically elected government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Obama once again is refusing to support those who oppose Radical Islamism in the Middle East, just like he has done in Iran and Syria. He still believes that the Muslim Brotherhood is a moderate Islamic influence. The President’s Middle Eastrn foreign policy has led to utter chaos in the region.


Breitbart reports:

During Friday’s coverage of the coup in Turkey, Fox News Strategic Analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) praised the coup in Turkey, arguing that those staging it were who the US should be supporting, not Turkey’s “Islamist fundamentalist authoritarian president.”

Peters said that the people staging the coup are the “good guys.” Adding, “God bless” the people trying to stage the coup. He further stated it was Turkey’s last chance to avoid becoming an Islamist dictatorship, and that Turkish President Erdogan wasn’t a friend of the US or Turkey, and his government wasn’t really democratically elected.

Peters argued President Obama “should have just kept his mouth shut, because the coup — the people staging this coup are on our side. They’re against the Islamists, fundamentalists, and extremists. They’re for democracy. They’re for a secular constitution.”

He continued that President Obama “romanticizes Islam.” And is on the side of “an Islamist fundamentalist authoritarian president.”



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